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What kind of marketing could I use for my online store?

I recently launched an online store that sells mostly gadgets (Phone, Car, Outdoors, Sports...) The website is online but still not functional. I'm still working on some bugs, according to my planning it should be fully functional next month.

I need your help with a marketing plan, so far I wrote down the Buy Get ideas, the Voucher ideas...

I have an online presence focusing mostly on Facebook & Instagram, I don't have a large experience in SEO.

Can you please help me come up with some creative ideas that I can use to boost my website once it is launched in either sales or traffic?

Thank you in advance.

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The first and Best way is to have multiple angles of marketing, not just your circle of influence alone. This includes creating a sales opportunity by hiring independent marketers who earn commission on product sale as well as creating an incentive to selling. As regards generic marketing ideas, one way is to ensure you have an active online, social media presence. Make sure that you have a staff, whose full time job is to represent your brand on as many platforms as possible, announcing sale advantages, discounts, coupons and whatever ideas you may have. Content is King and Consistency is the Key. People need to be able to trust your brand so only do what you know you can execute without any hiccups. Goodluck


Hi, Serge,

Today's SEO is comprised of having your website optimized with keywords -- and that would include all your product descriptions; blogging - creating fresh content about the products you sell and the benefits; how they can solve a problem; and promoting the content on social media. Content could also be videos.

Google wants fresh, relevant content written for the human reader. Write for your target audience. They're thinking "What's in it for me?"

You need to first clearly define your target markets. It sounds like you have a wide variety of products. You've got to figure out who's the best customer for each type.

I've got a free "Define Your Target Market Workbook" on my site as well as several other resources and articles on SEO. Go check them out....

Giselle Aguiar
AZSocialMediaWiz . com


Consider including the creation of video reviews and product demonstrations for your website as well as for social media use. It appears that your product line would really lend itself to this.

You can use these videos to drive traffic to your website, and to enlarge your social media audience. You can also upload the videos to youtube, which when done properly can help the google ranking of your website.

Check out an article I wrote called Should Video Be Used In My Social Media Marketing Campaign?


Greg Ball, President
Ball Media Innovations, Inc.
Video Production, Post Production & Translation


Socially connected ecommerce marketplaces were altogether a fantasy before Pinterest tweaked its business model adding a buy button. This combination, crowd-sourced catalog clubbed with wish list offered some serious ecommerce opportunities that were unknown earlier. It is different from the traditional ecommerce marketplace where shoppers feel secluded like a zombie.

Social ecommerce brings websites like Fancy and Wanelo for people who don’t enjoy shopping alone and want to see other shoppers around. Let’s check below how this new era of social ecommerce marketplaces has redefined buying experience of the consumers and what make them sell more.

Read more on: http://www.fatbit.com/fab/make-socially-connected-ecommerce-marketplace-click-online-shoppers/


For an E-Commerce Site, You have to do SEO for your website. Social Media also an effective way to increase traffic on your site.

First thing is Do Keyword Research for your online store. ( Choose long tail keyword instead of two-word target ).
Optimize you're each landing page with those keywords that relate your target audience.

For On-Page technique Use this - https://goo.gl/15c1Hi

For Link building use off page techniques include:

Guest Post
Content Marketing with blog or article posting
Video Posting
Local Business listing
Social Bookmarking

Start with off page with local business listing So you can grab attention from local customer first. Content marketing is essential for your website.
As you have an E-Commerce website, Use Google Tag Manager to manage your all keywords in one place with analytics.

Launch Unique offers and schemes for your website visitors. Reference Discount also helpful to gain more customer.

Just analysis of Amazon.com and Flipkat.com to better analyze your website in terms of content and onpage techniques.

Use Below tectics:

1. Communicate effectively with your target audience
2. Be easily found when searched on top search engines
3. Always be up-to-date and easy to navigate
4. Include multiple channels for communication with customers.
5. Connect to other marketing platforms


I would say that you are focusing too much on one type of marketing. Online digital marketing can certainly help, but you should give face to face marketing a try. Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, etc. are also good ways to get customers. Plus, the trust element is increased when a person has met you in person. The website may be online and the transaction may be done online, but physical promotional products add a nice touch.

You can have marketing items advertising the products sold on your website, as well as a general one talking about your company. You can attend relevant meetings and get-togethers to promote yourself. This helps to meet new people and increases your branding.

The nature of your store is online, but you still have physical products and this means you can promote them face to face. If you want, you can bring along the product to the meetups. This way, people can actually take a look and even try it out if possible.

It greatly improves your chances of sales and clears up any doubts then and there. Avoid doing a sales pitch. You just need to talk about how the product helps them instead of pleading them to buy it. This goes for your website and online campaigns as well.

If you can nail the advantages, you will most likely make the sale or at the least get the other person interested. You can find all these promotional products and more at PrintStop.


I suggest that you use both online and offline marketing tools to promote your online store. Be sure to use SSM, mobile marketing, email marketing along with some leaflets, brochures etc... Help from the true professionals can be critical for an effective marketing. Feel free to join this cmo network , these marketing expers will make your business significantly more successful.


Do launch an affiliate program for it. When people mostly buy from top ecommerce giants only small stores only manage to make small bucks. Hence an affiliate program for an Online store is best choice. You can launch an pay-per-sale program only and set the commision rates near to 4% or as per your choice. This will bring you quality sales,backlinks and traffic as well
If you need help in starting an affiliate program you can ping me at: bloggingsurgeon@gmail.com

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