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What legalities do I have to go through for changing my business name?

Another company has the same business name as me. I've come up with a couple alternative names and checked their domain availability. What other legal and regulatory steps do I need to take? I'm still in the process of starting my business so I will not have to make any changes to print or online marketing materials.

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Hi Sara - a name change usually requires a state or local government filing, depending on what kind of entity you set up your business as. Sole proprietors usually have local filings, LLC's and Corporations usually have state filings. So your original name registration would tell us what requirements you have. In the old days that was the first concern - isn't it amazing that now the domain name has become the first concern?

Good luck - let me know if I can help further.

Rich V.



1. Does your business is in similar industry, if not, the name is still good possibly

example: Sysco vs Cisco, food vs. tech

2. Look at Trademarks associated with the name. Trademarkia.com is a good start to research

3. The name is using a common word, like "House" vs Houzz.com

4. Go on Clarity.FM, find a trademark lawyer and consult with him, 1 hour of consultation can save you thousands in future legal headaches.

YES hire an attorney. I got into trouble with one of my product names and it really helped to ask a lawyer. Save 10% on Zoom with this referral code BEST4B.


Talk to your attorney. You don't go on the web to find out how to fill a tooth cavity do you?

This is a question where you need expert legal advice, from a legal professional.


Depending upon your situation, you may be able to establish a DBA.
For a free, confidential review of your situation contact your local score.org chapter
Good Luck!


Are you a legal business entity? If so and you registered your name they cant use it. If you are a corporation you file a dba with your secretary of state, if you are not then there is nothing to do.


Hi Sara, generally name change only requires a specific return filing with the security ad exchange commission SEC or whatever authority looking after corporate laws relating to incorporation and winding up of companies.

Best Of Luck,

North York, Canada


Hello, Sara! If I were you, I would better consult the guys from https://linkagemind.com/practices/gr/ company. They will help you to go through the process of changing your business name. It's important not to miss details.

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