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What makes email marketing effective?

What are the best tips for email marketing success? What is the best sales automation tool for email campaigns?

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Email marketing seems more like pushing people to buy from you, but it is more of a subtle way to notify new offers and products. As we know nobody is willing to open a promotional mail or respond to it. It should be more like spreading knowledge rather than pushing for the sale. Here are some great examples you can refer to: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/email-marketing-examples-list


Analysis of user behavior metrics and follow a drip mail campaign.


I've been using an email marketing service https://bsg.world/ for 3 years already and it really works.
-It’s easy to download lists from csv or excel.
-Create beautiful emails easily. No coding needed.
-Costs based on payment for the Internet traffic only.
-Campaign results in a convenient form: open rate, heatmap, unsubscribers, etc.
-Your data is under strong protection.
-Organise campaigns from your site and familiar account.


You can target an interest-based audience which converts well into sales.


In order to make email marketing effective, you should use additional tools which can optimize your work. Personally, I recommend Reply.io, thanks to it boosting my sales. Check it out https://reply.io#1.


Have a report to check on user behavior, time spent on the site, and how many times people visit your site and which sections. The best way to go about collecting email addresses for email marketing is with an opt-in email ID. Then create an email campaign according to user behavior like if they completed a transaction, information they've provided or engagement. For example, if you are looking to run a sale/CRO email campaign to create urgency, send an offer based email campaign and make it time sensitive so your customers will have to make a purchase to get the sale.


Suppose, you don't have Oracle Eloqua. Oracle Eloqua costs $2,000 dollars a month. All you need is 300 email addresses to mail to and 43 gmail accounts to send email from. Ensure that the email addresses have only official emails like gopalchandu@unlawfulgood.com, and not any gmail or yahoo addresses. If Google warns you for spam for mailing from your gmail address 300 emails every day, twice a day, tweak your bounces. If Google threatens to delete your email account, use your next email address for bulk mailing. Keep the same detailed signature on all email addresses.

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