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What SEO trends should I know to stay ahead of competition?

I would like to know the latest trend of business promotion through search engine optimization.

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Well, first and foremost you should know the technicalities of SEO and it's benefits. The world of webmasters has changed a lot since it's inception. Right from Google algorithm updates to it's AI enabled Rankbrain, the search engine is now more into providing the best content for it's users query.

So, you need to ensure giving the best information and a detailed one to stay at par.
Also, since major search happens in mobile, Google has put forward how websites will be ranked based on their mobile performance. So, here's my few recommendation:

1. Write content that is unique, original and should add value to users.
2. Keep a close watch on ensuring better social signals.
3. Write compelling meta description and Title; Yes, they still counts a lot
4. Optimize for mobile first.
5. Monitor your business reviews and ratings.


You should focus on guest posting on high authority sites like forbes, and other media sites .

Because it is loved by Google .
And the best part of SEO.

Guest posting is like some one will post for your site as interview or information articles.


Now a days guest posting is best way to rank website , try to post your content on dailykos , huffingtonpost and bbc .


The newest trends are:
1. Mobile-first
2. Voice search
3. Schema
4. Featured snippets
5. Content
6. Machine learning and AI
7. Speed
8. Technical SEO
9. Links
10. A whole lot more! (TIE)


There are few SEO trends you should know like Voice Search, HTTPS, AMP, Quality Content, Social Media Marketing, Rich Answers And Snippets and many others to stay ahead of competition. You can learn more about top SEO trends here.


If you have business website and wish to get it at top then follow proper white hat strategy and with that make blog on website Update Frequently.


We know for some time now, Google allocates a certain importance to the behavior of Internet users. Indeed, different criteria are taken into consideration to determine the quality of a page and define its position in the results pages. The search engine robots will for example analyze the frequency of visits of a page, the rate of rebound or the social activity (reviews, sharing on social networks ...). All these parameters are part of Google's desire to offer its users the best content. Today and even more so in the future,SEO strategy can not stand on its own. The loading time of a page, the quality of a content, a well-defined tree, help to define an SXO (Search eXperience Optimization) strategy. Attracting an audience is no longer enough, since we must also make sure that we retain it. If browsing an application generates emotion and pleasure to users, then it ensures optimal customer engagement. Ultimately, the UX embodies the missing link of SEO. Knowing more about its customers and taking into account their expectations to establish an efficient SXO strategy is one of the major webmarketing top predictions for 2018.


Anonymous User

THere are two kinds of SEO:
On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO- this helps you make your website better according to your Business and the Customer
Off-Page SEO- this helps you getting links and values from other sites to increase your Websites Rank.


These are the best ways to promote your website through SEO:

Always go with white hat SEO.
Update your website with unique and quality content.
Get backlinks from high authority sites.
Build your online reputation.
Use content marketing strategies.


Good quality backlinks help a lot. Great ways to get these are guest posts, article submissions, etc. In order to do guest posts and article submissions, your site has to have that kind of content. So these different aspects really work hand in hand.

"Local" backlinks also help. Write a nice article about how your company is impacting your local neighborhood. Post this on your site and then submit the article to local news sites (online newspapers, news channels, etc.) Odds are that they will cover the story and you will get a good quality link out the deal.


Do not just create backlinks. Once you've created a backlink, make sure to give at a boost, especially if it contains your main keywords. For example, you could use comments or things like that to make that backlink even stronger.

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