How can I use Facebook to drive more visitors to my online store?

I made an offer " Gift with purchase" and added it to my Facebook page + I am regularly boosting promotions and products on my Facebook page.

I am still not getting any visitors to my website.

Can you please help me with this matter? My website is

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Facebook is great however their advertising has changed dramatically recently and ads don't reach as far and wide as they once did, Facebook ads are also great but they are just a short term boost that won't work as well as we expect if lots of other things are not in place. The other important factors is the website and other SEO tools you are using as well, as Facebook alone won't bring in the customers. If your website ranks low and isn't up there for the correct searches, its going to be hard to find you so you would be relying totally on the Ad to bring in interest and then there are lots of other things at play such as the people you market through the ads. Its all very complicated but my advice would be to do some analysing of your website, your keywords, who your marketing to and what shape your website is in for search results because you need traffic coming in from lots of other sources too.

I have had a quick look at your website and it may be useful to make the message a little clearer too, you have the free gift there for all to see but its not very clear whats free, if you have a free gift with every purchase, I can see what might be free but I can't really understand what I have to buy that would give me that free gift, its says with every 40's purchase but that may come across a little confusing and if visitors don't understand, they will just leave the website.

A better idea may be to promote one or two specific products and advertise those and be specific what a purchase would get free if they bought that product. I hope that helps a little but also don't rely on Facebook Ads only, they are expensive and whilst they give you a little boost every now and again, they are short lived and must be a small part of many other things you should be doing to promote your website.


Hello Friend I suggest to you "" to drive more visitors by using social media platform.


To grab traffic from FBm you need to make your website SEO friendly and more engaging for your target visitor.
You need to add articles, images and video that support your website products and makes your visitor curious to check out for full article or coupons on your website.

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