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I have a unique concept for at-home meal delivery services. What should my next move be?

I'm a retired chef with a unique concept, looking for advice.

I have something very valuable to offer to a prospective partner or company preferably in the “ready-meal” category where the profit margin is 16-18% compared to Meal Kit Delivery (MKD) like Blue Apron, 2-4%.

MKD is not a business model designed to satisfy today and tomorrow customer's most important priorities. It is a mass-market success, but a profit disaster.

Writing an app is not my forte but I know food well. Especially how to make a profit for over 60 years. I have invented and tested a unique, versatile, reusable, insulated, returnable food carrier specially designed to provide prepared food that is hot and completely table-ready at an affordable price. Just sit down, eat, and enjoy. No cooking, no reheating, no pots and pans to wash, a clean kitchen at all time, and no trashing of the environment. It is designed to improve the lifestyle of busy couples by providing three of the most precious commodities in modern society: Nutrition, convenience, and time.

One of the causes of high failure in the food industry is guessing. In my business design, guessing is replaced with knowing ahead of time what to buy, how much, and when to prepare down to the minute.

By combining the technology of the internet to reach a customer-direct market with my food carrier and a food production center, the concept offers sustainable competitive advantages and unique capabilities upon which a strategy can be based. A strategy that will not only shield the company from the competition but also earn super-competitive profits, an arrangement that will likely last for a long time. A strategy that defines a territory, a specific niche where solutions are delivered with continuity, a trend here to stay with exceptional units of economics, and important to the success of a licensing chain. Large incremental financeable units of different size and capacity in a variety of feasible locations can be quickly and most efficiently put into this service and produce extraordinary above-market returns.

My objectives:

To make an alliance with a company or group who will understand the potential of the concept and launch it on its own with the goal to go international with numerous patents, trademarks, and name recognition.

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I was looking at your website through your profile. Your business concept is for limited certain region only. Also, you expect your customer to order some time prior to deliver freshly prepared stuff. This is an excellent idea. But, you are missing those customers who do not have prior plan to order dinner i.e. unplanned, urgent and immediate delivery order!

Also, I suggest you to get an user friendly app prepared for your customers to enable them to order while they are on move i.e. having excess to their mobile only not computer. I can suggest you app idea for user friendly interaction with your customers.


Thanks, MUKUL, Why do you see limit to certain region? The concept is very flexible to accommodate any region by licensing. Yes, the PAM (plan ahead meal) is to help busy customers to plan ahead, get organize and pay less. For the one not so organize, the ordering is available anytime, but for a different price. The idea is to encourage ordering ahead to avoid guessing, the cause for so many failure in the food industry. With the right app, it is the customer who write the menu and decide what to order.
Thanks again,
Chef Gilbert

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