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How do I get more people to see and engage in my blog?

I have had my blog for a long time, but no one has left messages or comments. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get more people to see my blog and engage in it. If you want to see my blog is about homemade customer care and skin care products. My blog address is: www.freshsoaps.blogspot.com. Thank you.

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Anonymous User

Hi Ida,

I've had a quick look at your blog and there are 3 key reasons (in my opinion) why no one is engaging on your blog.

#1. The Language:
Unless you are only interested in reaching the market in Indonesia, then you can leave it as is. If you are looking to reach an international audience, then try setting it up primarily in English.

Even though the page can be translated, not a lot of people will know that and it could result in poor engagement.

#2. Content:
You are just posting images of your products and a little description about what they are and a few benefits. It's more product-centric, with no visible personality attached to it. Here are the missing elements:

- Results from clients (social proof)
- Your story
- The benefits of using the right products
- Health concerns when it comes to cosmetics

There's a lot to write about, you just have to do your research and also apply your experience; become an authority on the subject (yes it's possible).

E.g. Instead of just saying "Anti Wrinkle Cream" and put up a less interesting description, you can say something like - "1 simple way to remove wrinkles without spending a fortune" - then at the end, you introduce the product.

The cosmetic industry is a very competitive one, so as someone who's marketing your own products, you need to win the trust of people before they attempt to make inquiries or even buy.

3. Platform:
Even though Google owns Blogger, and one might dream to attract a lot of traffic based on that, the layout itself is self defeating for any serious minded blogger or business person (some would argue on that, but that's my opinion).

Blogger is good for sharing random stuff or for someone who's just blogging for fun. If you want to stand out as an authority blogger on beauty products, then you need to consider this - Get a personal Wordpress blog (start build your own brand). It doesn't cost a fortune to get this going.

That doesn't mean the traffic and engagement will suddenly spike up, but it will give you a more serious presence within your niche and with time, you will start attracting the right audience and the necessary engagement.

Spend some time studying top bloggers in the world and see what they are doing. Here's a list of some of them:
- Neil Patel
- Maria Popova
- Seth Godin
- Darren Rowse
- Ramit Sethi

I hope this helps.

All the best,

Follow me on Twitter for marketing tips - @OtoabasiU

Excellent point Otobasi. I agree with them all. To expand on point #3 - Consider moving your site to Wordpress self-hosted. It can be done inexpensively and Google and other search engines love the WordPress site structure so your ranking should improve. Your entrepreneurial readers can get great business ideas using these ideas and tips: http://best4businesses.com/startups/startup-idea-generator/.

Really useful information. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. But in addition to this i would recommend , The more genuine data you include in your blog, the more people will like it. Also make sure that the blog title should be influential and if it is trending one, then there will be more chances to get more and more likes.


we develop by learning, learn from the best, top bloggers that might or might not be similar to what you introduce, this will take you time by the results are much worthy i promise; I have sorted below some tips that may be helpful to you:

1- connect with other bloggers with same interests, refer to their articles at the footnote of yours if it's similar to what you have written. (wordpress offers you this).
2- built a good blog, in design, content
3- built every content on brainstorming, you will get the best.
4- connect the blog with a Facebook page, that promotes it.
5- tweet it.
7- set a strategy for expansion
8- go and see, check and learn from top bloggers, go through their blog, see why they are successful, how they get more traffic, through polls, personalized blogs,...etc



Hello Ida,
In my view it's difficult (and the wrong question)! I see my BLOG as a silent salesman, a place where my knowledge is stored in open forum, and a place where I can direct eyeballs (in a focused way). A criteria of success is not to get engagement on the BLOG but to drive views? Can you measure that?
Engagement is a personal and sometime vulnerable thing, so although someone views your pearl of wisdom, they may not "engage" and comment (I hope I understand your question correctly.)
Engage rather in the privacy of 1-on-1 e-mail or phone calls, (have you got a database of EVERYONE who has ever visited/bought from you?) and direct them individually to a BLOG article that gives away valuable information about your product that is RELEVANT to them and their current issue - that will drive revenue, engagement on the BLOG drives "self-congratulations"


Hi Ida,

I am presuming that you have already googled about blog promoting techniques and have already gone through tips like, write quality & keyword-rich content, publish posts regularly, share posts on social media, connect with other bloggers, etc.

No doubt that all the above-mentioned techniques are essential for blog promotion, but I think that you are looking for something more specific. Since Mr. Umonting, has already pointed out some relevant issues with your blog, I will only outline a couple of practices that will help you additionally.

If you are promoting your blog on social media, you should primarily approach fan base of other popular skin care and cosmetic product brands. Secondly, I would suggest that you should include the most important keywords (as per your product) such as homemade cosmetic product, skin care, etc. more frequently in your posts.

In addition to that, I think you might also be interested in learning some techniques to make money from your blog itself. You can follow this link for that: https://medium.com/@Sameera/how-to-use-your-blog-to-make-money-online-monetize-anything-online-part-iii-479025b44233


The best way to do it is to post some vivid and quality content on your blog. If your blog features something different than other people are more likely to visit and engage with the posts. Another way to do it is to actually engage with various communities in your relevant field, drop comments on other blogs with something worth adding value and you would be amazed with the some favor from their side.


What is the purpose of your blog? Why do you want them to engage?


Link everything to your social media but tailor the message for each so it's doesn't look spammed!


Very actual for me, need to follow this thread! I always wanted to create a blog about natural homemade cosmetics, something like https://sonicesoap.com/ . But I know my SEO knowledge is close to zero. Thanks for your post!


Update your blog with unique and quality content on daily basis and share that content through social media sites. It will helps to improve traffic on your blog.

Also make some quality backlinks from High Authority and relevant blogs or websites. It will helps to improve referral as well as organic traffic on your blog.

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