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What type of blog posts should I write to attract new clients for my recruitment agency?

What stuff can I do to get new clients for my recruitment agencies? I would like to get started with blogging, but what kind blog posts would I write to attract new clients?

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It seems to be something interesting! I believe your blog posts should target the clients own pain points. You could write all you want about how your agency can help your clients, but that cannot not be a long term strategy as your clients will see it as tooting your own horn!

Instead, try writing for your clients on complimentary problems that they face. For example, if you are looking to target a HR from a organization, you could talk about

1. what are some fun office games for team building
2. how to motivate the millennial crowd
3. How can they retain their top talent
4. How to improve fill rates
5. how to handle a conflict within the organization

Any content that you can help your target buyer - improve their efficiency, increase their knowledge, make them feel good, reduce their stress will be great content!

Also, from a content perspective, you probably will have two types of content

1. evergreen content - The kind of content that will be long form, super useful and adds insane value to your readers.
2. short term content - any changes in laws, any trending topic (think pokemon go, united airline misbehaving, etc) and how it impacts your clients industry.

It would be best to create a spreadsheet with a list of all the topics so that you know how to schedule them and maybe even plan ahead for some campaigns around the content (holidays or year end or so). This will also free up time which you can use to promote the content. Some content are better promoted on social media, but others might be better suited for search engine optimization, etc.

Hope this helps and let me know if you need any further information!

Anonymous User

Writing something that they can relate to is always an advantage. Preferably something that highlight's a problem that they have and a solution that you can provide them with. And don't forget to add a CTA either to your site, blog, shop, social media page and more.


Never guess which topics to write about, there's too much potential to waste time/money.

In my digital agency we always start by researching which topics help competitors to attract new clients. To do this you can use a tool like Ahrefs.com, it will show you the most popular content of any website. Maybe your competitors have blogged for years, but only have a handful of popular posts that people visit, share and convert on. You can start by only writing posts on those very same topics.


Create content that is interesting to someone who is looking for a job. For example, you might share a survey on top paying jobs in a particular field to draw them in. After you get them on your site, you can offer a free guide or offer to assist them in their search. Once you engage them with the free information the ice is broken and you can than discuss your products or services.


That's what i will do for my own website, always remember, people who google and read, they are looking for an answer of their problem. So try to create a topic that can solve their common issue, or able to help them to reduce or prevent certain things that may happen.

1. I will try to remember the common question my client ask, create a topic related to this
2. What / How / Why the common issue employer face, for eg : How to Get Talented Employees

Anonymous User

Hi Shabnam,

May I suggest writing blog posts on topics that clients face when recruiting employees such as:

- Why you should recruit millennials
- Benefits of recruiting a contractor
- 5 Ways to deal with a negative employee
- Why having a diverse team can bring value to your company

Hope these possible titles help in your blogging endeavours.

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