What's the best advice you've ever been given?

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Ask "why" until you get the same answer three times. Then you most likely have found the root cause.


Jack Welch said 95% of success is showing up on time everyday with a passion to solve problems - and - 80% of all problems will present a solution to the issue if you look at it with the end in mind.


Hi Shawn ~

This comes directly from Spirit, on my awakening journey, and it's the best guidance for living ~ as well as creating/running a business ~ I've ever received:

"You need less than you think / And you have more than you know."


"Systems" run your business!
Here is the test to see if you have a true system: It's in "writing", and it's been tested by delegating it or automating it and you have gotten the same success over and over!


My wife has always told me to over-invest where there is a potential of reward -referrals - and to avoid any investment where there is not. In view of this, I try to only work with "good" people who are honest and charitable. It always comes back to benefit me in the long run.


In business and life, there is what needs to be done and how difficult it is.
When you separate the two, anything is possible.


"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em." -William Shakespeare

Something I have found surprisingly true for the world of business.


Just do it.


If you think you have all the right information, keep looking you have just started!


The first guy I ever worked for got me aside one day and said "You know, everyone's nuts, and if you expect any different you'll just frustrate yourself". He was jokingly referring to the simple fact that everyone's different, and it takes flexibility, patience, and tolerance to build a service practice. A "broadcast" methodology will only take you so far. You must reach each client on a personal level in accordance with their perceptions.

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