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What's the best scheduling app for a small business?

I have a wellness business and a portion of my business is working with individuals one on one. I'm looking for an affordable scheduling app.

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Use this www.calendly.com

It is a Godsend, it is like an automatic scheduler, no more back and forth emails on coordinating with people.

All you do is send people your link on the calendar and then they figure out what's a good time for them looking at your availability

It will integrate with other Apps like Zapier


Anonymous User

Hi Christina

I think your question needs a bit more clarification so that I could recommend an appropriate solutions.

The questions you need to consider are:

1. Do you want an appointment book that every one has access to?
If that is the case simple Google Calendar with multiple users would do it for you. You can all access it online either from your desktop or on the move via Smartphone or other portable devices. You can also see each others commitments as well as being able to make, edit and move appointments. With iCall API this can also integrate with other iCall compliant applications.

2. Do you want to offer the service on your website?
If you want to also allow Appointments or Availability, then I need to know what you use for your website. For example if you are using WordPress then you have the pick of many plug-ins that also integrate with Google Calendar using iCall API. You can see example of this which we did for a client recently on bartoninsights.com/virtual-services/

To see this work click on any of the services on offer which then gives you the Availability Calendar enabling you to book and pay online. Once an appointment is booked and paid for, the person delivering the service is notified and the time is blocked on their Google Calendar with the details of the appointment. Other users can also see the availability of their colleagues (using Google Calendar). Appointments can be assigned manually or swapped between service providers.

As I mentioned, it does depend on what you want to do and how you want to share the information internally and externally.

I hope this helps but if you want more specific information please contact me and I will be happy to help.


I use SetMore.com - free version and it works well but I'm looking at Calendly.com because it integrates with my Google calendar (for free).

Anonymous User

Sally, This looks ilke a very nice product. It integrates with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, as well as Facebook so you can use it on your website & your Facebook page. Great call.


I too vote for Google Calendar. Very powerful and you can create each new schedule as an event, with the option for them to add it to their calendar and receive email or SMS reminders.


Hello Christina,

I think Calendly is best. I completely agree with LE Pete's answer. You can use Calendly & share personal Calendly page with clients, and those people can pick an available time.


Simplyst.. By far! http://www.simplyst.com/organizer/
If you have questions, send me a message.


Housecall Pro also a dispatcher and time tracker for yourself and employees, GPS tracking, messaging plus lots more.

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