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What are the best traveling hubs to advertise on?

I want to increase my sales online, and one idea I came up with to do this is by advertising on popular traveling sites in hope to capture some of their traffic. What is the best platforms for traveling/tourism sites like booking.com and agoda.com? Anything else?

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Anonymous User

I would consider some Display Ads that would find their way into sites and blogs with a well defined and segmented audience, you can do this on a cpc or cpm basis. It would be a good addon as part of your strategy as it would introduce an extra traffic channel that would be probably be cheaper than the commissions charged by the likes of booking.com.


What is your goal? Are you just trying to drive traffic to your site? Trying to find qualified traffic that will convert?


Buy sell ads is a great place to find exactly where you want to advertise. They qualify these sites so that you know the traffic data is real and you will get the eyes you are looking for. They have several categories which include "travel". https://buysellads.com/buy

Hope this helps. :)


THAT IS A DECISION FOR YOU TO UNDERTAKE,,,...Decide who seems best to you intuitively and try them out...Then fail forward fast/////Your intuition will answer that question for you as you try different websites..




Nowadays everything has gone online whether it is business, shopping and travelling. The era of Ecommerce has come which has changed the advancement in the technological trends of all especially travel and tourism.

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