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What's the best way to find 3 partners for my startup?

I started a freelancing website for tasks and services local or virtual. I am looking for 3 partners that can bring marketing, sales, graphic design skills for either buying in or earning in.

I tried many websites but had no luck. Any suggestions?

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Hi Naghilia,
Have you tried the following websites to find co-founders:
- www.cofounder.co
- www.cofounderslab.com
- www.founder2be.com
- www.techcofounder.com
I guess you tried.

Next step would be to attend as many events as possible. I saw that you are in Vegas, I bet there are tons of them. Check out on meetup.com
Look for Hackathon, Startup weekends and Tech Conferences.

I run a digital agency in the Philippines. http://www.startechup.com, feel free to reach out to me if you need to get some work done, or just if you want to think tank with me.

All the Best!

Great suggestions Baptiste. I was going to mention the same websites and then also recommend attending events. Meetup is great, as is Eventbrite. Also, check out local innovation centers. I am sure they host quite a few startup events too. The key is to talk to a lot of people, be clear on what you are looking for and show your enthusiasm for your business. Similar to when you fundraise, you are pitching to potential cofounders. Good luck!

Thanks Mary and Baptiste.. very great idea and already started.


I agree that attending networking events is a great way to find potential cofounders and other team members. The key is to find the right events. General startup events are good, but depending on what talent you are looking for, talent-specific events can be great. For example, if you need someone with coding expertise, attend a django or python meetup. Hackathons can also be a great way to interact with others in the startup world and get an initial sense of people's creativity and ability to work with teams.

Anonymous User

So 3 different niches
Go off my saying
Build a reputation to gather rapport to seek your reward and reviews are just round the corner.
So finding a business partner would be easy because you built a reputation people are talking about you.
Gather rapport people know your more than the average Joe Bogs.
So your reward people come to you and you can be checked up on with reviews.
Graphic design have you tried Linkedin groups with graphics.
Sales and marketing linkedin groups.


See if you have interest in my offerings:

Hello Larry,
That sound very interesting .. drop me an inbox..


Hi Naghilia,
I can help you in a couple of areas here. I have extensive experience in graphic design. Also am pretty good at marketing. Happy to help out.


Hi, i'd like to know more about your project, feel Free to take a look at my profile.


The less partners the best results. It is common practice that one Partner will finance and the other partner will manage.


A couple of questions:
1. What type of commitment are you looking for from these partners? Could you afford to hire a temporary consultant to help you instead? Graphic design seems to be the most logical here.
2. Could some of the tasks be covered by one person? For example, marketing experts can often cover sales as well. These feels like a bigger commitment so someone might be willing to take a small equity percent to advise you.
I agree with the advice that fewer partners are better, simply because there are fewer people to coordinate.

Thanks but I was able to fix the issue and bring 5 board members and 2 partners to join me.

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