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What is the best way to search for swimsuit manufacturers?

I'm currently searching for manufacturers to produce swimsuits. I have a sketch of material ideas. I'm currently looking for the most efficient way to go about finding someone to produce my swimwear products.

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Perhaps that seems overly obvious and that's why there weren't any answers.

But, I would recommend just using Google and look for the terms that are relevant to your type of specific swimwear products (i.e. men, women, type of material, etc.) As an example, if I were to just do a quick search on Google for "swimsuit manufacturers", I found the following available:

Baliswim.com (Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturers)
KingTrading.com (Swimwear Manufacturers, Ladies & Men Apparel)
Laislabrand.com/private-label (Private Label Manufacturer)
DaisysSwimwear.com/private_label (Custom Private Label)

Create a spreadsheet of each of these companies, go down the list and contact each one. Mark off the minimum order, minimum pieces, delivery time, prices, and other relevant information so you can keep it all organized.

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