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What's the hottest market to invest in today?

With the downturn in the European economy, what is the best market to invest on in Europe? Or should we opt to American market? And how can anyone invest profitably in the world's best market?

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I believe the Frontier Market Countries provide the greatest potential opportunity, but I tend to favor Non-U.S. investments. Stocks of large European companies have lagged and may continue to do so. Frontier markets include select countries in the Mid-East, Africa and the smaller European countries, such as Hungary. Country selection is critical when investing globally. For instance, Mexico and South Korea have substantially better economic fundamentals than Turkey or Japan. China is still growing. If currency is your thing, go long the US dollar vs. the Japanese Yen.


Today numerous investment opportunities out there in the market, it just depend on the path you want to choose. However, investment in binary options trading has become trendy among new investors these days. It is a good option to gain big profits in small time. The most attractive features of this investment are the fixed pay-off and predefined risk. If you win, you will get money or else nothing will be in your hand. To learn this investment options, you can explore contents on http://www.verifyproducts.com/content.php?parent=54 which provides complete relevant information and help you to make successful trader. Well as I already said this is one of the good investment options, you can even look more on the internet.

Anonymous User

Dear Aksel. The answer depends whether you are thinking about betting or investing. In case of the former I am really not the expert to ask (Forex, etc suggested by Zahid gos in this direction). In terms of investing it all depends on your investment objectives, investment horion, risk tolerance, liquidity constraints, tax situation and composition of your existing portfolio. without that nobody serious could give you advice.


Stick to what you know best. Become a commodity trader or a reseller of metals. Islam is infiltrating the universe, buy guns.


First you need to find a reliable broker, I advise http://fxfinpro.com/en Next you need to learn a trade, this site will help you too. And then you can start trading, but believe me, to earn a lot, you need to learn a lot!

Anonymous User

Hottest / Best Market to Invest?

First, which sector(s)? The answer is important to decide which one to go. Then what is your time frame on the target, volume of funds available, target IRR / ROI, risk factor, etc.

Your answer could be given following these.

Anonymous User

Dear you are expert of market why you asking this question ,hottest market variable ,country to country, demography ,geographic mk is change ,
But to give clear reply i feel investment in Forex trading on Google,yahoo,Facebook,amazon are the hottest market if you use your mind ,do complete home work before invest you get good earning

Anonymous User

As we become an increasingly technical society with increased reliance on software in many aspects of our lives, I think IT security and surveillance would be a good bet.

Anonymous User

The main thing is to invest in the developing sphere or product, I think.

Absolutely agree. Recently I found out about offshore engineering software, it's rather interesting. My friend works at the offshore company and he says that this sphere is rapidly developing. Check out this link - https://www.fieldap.com/

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