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When is the best time to try to get press?

I'm starting a peer to peer lending startup.
When is the best time to try to get press? Before launching or right at launch? I'm still several months out from launch. What are some avenues to use to get media attention?

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The question is always how much time, effort and resources do you have to put into something. Having it come out when you are open is going to be best for getting potential clients on-board. If you can do some prior to launch, that certainly builds anticipation and will make your launch PR more effective.

You can write a press release yourself and send it out yourself. Write it and send it out through aggregators. Or hire someone to do the whole thing. Hiring someone is likely the most effective route. Hire someone with a track record in your industry (financials) and many contacts. They will be able to help you craft a story that the editors will be interested in.


I am a believer in growing anticipation. Like Christmas, the fun is in the anticipation, because the day it arrives, it is almost anti-climactic. One day and it's history.

I don't profess to having you issue non-sense press releases, but you may want to secure the advice of a PR pro that can guide you toward effective strategy prior to and including the launch. There must be "news" of which you can refer to, like securing the first, second or seed funding, etc. Adding team members, securing your launch date, and things of that nature.

As you will glean from the responses to this string, there are many viewpoints on the subject of "getting press." My advice is to make it, not hope it comes to you.


The only time it’s wrong to seek press for a new business or venture is when you are not prepared. And by prepared I mean with several cycles of press-worthy news. Since you’re a start-up business, you won’t have testimonials to throw into the mix so think about what sets your business apart from other peer-to-peer lending start-ups or established businesses.

Find several different angles and develop press releases that you can roll out prior to, during and after your launch. If it’s at all possible try tying in some of those press releases with an event, like when the feds change rates.

Small weekly newspapers are more apt to use you as a resource – if you set yourself up as a subject matter expert. This doesn’t mean you have to inundate them with your expertise; it starts as simply as staying connected by sharing local tips with them. Seriously, this works. I am a former business and news editor.

It’s not enough to “get press” ahead of your launch but to sustain throughout the pre-launch, launch and after. Make sure your website and social media messaging is consistent and highlights your knowledge of your industry.

If you have the money upfront, think about joining your local chamber of commerce. Many of those organizations highlight new members on their websites and in print, too. Look for opportunities with women-owned businesses, as well.

Whatever you do: please stay away from click-bait “press.” You’ll end up with traffic (at least for a while) and with a reputation that is less than trustworthy with those serious about doing business with you. Good luck!

Anonymous User

Hello congrats on the project,
Right after a launch seems a good idea, if you have a special page for the press to test exclusively before the official launch you'll get more attention.like 2 days before the official launch.
Keep in mind that PR takes time, you can get direct traction or longer ones (3-6 months)

To determine a good timing, you need to check Editorial calendars of Magazine or papers specialized on your topic.
You can start to send press releases based on their calendar and publication plans. For the best days to send, it will depends on the type of media and the country. In Europe sending Tuesday and Thursday is pretty effective.
In US you can send Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Anonymous User

Make sure your website is ready BEFORE launch, start adding content, about the product how it helps, benefits etc. Make sure it is fully optimised too.
Then pre-launch get some press........

On launch go for it!!


Consider the fact that there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of peer to peer lending enterprises. With that fact top-of-mind, what is it about your proposed business model that holds any genuine interest for readers of relevant publications? How might you convince a savvy editor that your story is genuinely worthy of their publication?
Whilst good timing (i.e. coinciding with a regular feature), can be influential, unless you have something really interesting to say, that readers’ will find genuinely valuable, no amount of effort will get your media releases published.
Another peer to peer lending start-up’s launch is in reality unlikely to be newsworthy, unless you can fund and stage some clever PR stunt to attract the media’s attention.
As you are in PR Sandra you surely should have some creative ideas on what will appeal to your target editors and be cognisant with the certainty that without something significant to report there is little hope of attracting any significant media attention!

There is little point in sending out press releases until you have actually discussed the relevance of your story with the target publication's editor. Their buy-in is critical if you want to get published anyplace influential. So call and ask them about any plans they have for a feature and have them tell you what they are looking for.

Thanks for your comment, in the us market there are only about 4. But I understand that By itself won't make pr.

Here is a report on the top SIX US companies Sandra, there must by inference be many more that you should be familiar with prior to your launch - http://www.goodfinancialcents.com/peer-to-peer-lending-sites/

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