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How can I find qualified staff for my Hospitality & Tourism business?

I have a job vacancy in my business which is a Hospitality & Tourism school based in Serengeti-Tanzania. The school is located just few meters from Serengeti national park. I'm looking for a qualified staff member to teach a food production and food & beverage course at my school.

If any one interested, then you can simply visit our school website: www.setco.ac.tz
Send your application to info@setco.ac.tz

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When I post a job I make sure the job description is detailed. The more details you include in the job description the less time it takes to screen them later. Then I tell the reader please don’t apply if you do not possess the following qualifications; these are deal breakers. Then I list and underline them in bold type.

I strongly advise you to hire an experienced recruiter to handle the search for you, to insure the right hire, save you time, money and aggravation.

Noted with thanks.


I'd encourage you to post on Indeed.com and Craigslist. Since you're so close to the national park, there may be some sites that cater to destination-style job opportunities. Hope that helps!

Thanks Casey, I have tried to post it on Indeed.com bu it seems they are not offering service from my Country of Tanzania. So it need some one to help who is not in Tanzania. can you help?


Dear Samwel:

What a beautiful country you are in! I have fond memories of the area. Anyway on your subject matter.
1. I think that if you contact other similar schools to yours in Europe, and namely Switzerland, Italy, Greece, you will be able to find someone qualified to teach what you are looking for.
2. Check on LinkedIn or contact the Upscale hotels in your area, for people who are Chefs or F&B Directors who might be willing to teach and share their "hands-on" experience with the students.

Sure, your comment is highly appreciated. I have been doing so, contacting with chefs from near by safaris lodges like Four Seasons Lodge-Serengeti, so its time now that we can have some one as employee in our school. Let me try to contact of college in Switzerland....
Thank you for taking me outside the box.

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