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Where do I find investors who can invest in my software company?

I am looking for an investment against equity in a 6 year old software company based in India. I am clueless as to where to start and how to find potential investors.

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Anonymous User

Hi Rupesh,
I am unfamiliar with your local market. However, I would suggest that you Google angel investors, angel investors located in India that focus on software companies etc.
Please note that you may require audited financials, a well written business plan, depth of management (bench strength) and a compelling reason why your technology is worthy of investment. You should also do some comparables of others that may be competitors and the distinct advantages of your software. You will need to be very transparent.

Anonymous User

I forgot to mention that associations in your business can put you in touch and/or introduce you to those of like mind. Also, you may want to create strategic alliances with others in your field that do similar style work in the US as well. There are lot's of talented individuals like yourself that share workloads and work in concert in your business.



... and make connections on LinkedIn

Anonymous User

Normally, VC's / angel investors/ PE firms go across national barriers if your idea is trully novel.

For instance, you can check: angellist.com and search which firm has an active interest in your geographical area. Bear in mind that at these early stages, networking is essential so it's worth sending them an e-mail with your business proposition and your deliverable.

Secondly, you can try Google Ventures, if it has a nearby Google campus in your geographical area.

Thirdly, you can apply with your business for a series of early stage start-up hubs such as: Y combinator, The Summit Dublin.

Fourthly, you can try crowdfunding: kickstarter, or indiegogo.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous User

First build your reputation than you get investor other wise no space

Anonymous User

The best idea is to network and search for online opportunity. With the resources you have online, there is almost nothing you cannot do. Join a local chamber of commerce or a local networking group. I'm pretty sure you can find something like this. Try to meet as many people as possible, make friends and be vocal about what you need. Sometimes we don't find what's right in front of us because we're too afraid to ask for it.


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Anonymous User

Contact me direct to my email (ofice.971.uae@hotmail.com)


There are a few true and tried ways but the best if you can, get other experts involved in your company be offering them a piece of it. I started this way and have 18 of the best, quality engineers in the business. Each one of them had a quality different from the other. I kept controlling interest in the company and they split the remainder. They all invested 20K each to have this opportunity. When you have skin in the game you will tend to work at it. Food for thought!


First things first. Investors receives many investment proposal, every day. Are you ready to present your company and it advantages? Once ready, research for investors online accordingly.

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