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Where do I find software projects?

I've started software outsourcing and have few projects to work on. My question in general where do people find new software projects...

Well, I guess I didn't formed my question right first time.
We are developers and we are looking for projects. The question is where to find them.
Sites like elance, freelancer and so on have ridiculously low bits and quality of work is very poor, most of the people are individuals who just want a simple 2 page web site or similar. Well there are some good once, but rear.

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Slava, this is a very good question. And lots of IT outsourcing companies are puzzled with the same question every day.

The best way, of course, is being recommended by previous customers. In case the quality of your work is great, you will be definitely recommended.

The second variant is creating a great company website with proper landing pages and making advertisement in search engines or some advertisement networks. SEO works of course, but this niche is very competitive and it is practically impossible to get top rankings fast.

The third variant is Lead Generation practices by means of generating of great content, email marketing, inbound marketing and some other ways of marketing your business online.

This artical is useful and I learn some important things from it. And recently, I know a company - PowerGate Software company is one the best outsourcing software companies in vietnam. They are a United States-Vietnam joint ventured software company which is one of the top companies specializing in software services and counselor with offices in USA and Vietnam. For more detailed information, you can visit their website: http://powergatesoftware.com/ I hope you guys can find some interesting things here


Have you tried to look into CodeProject?

This is a developers community where all levels of software developers are there to showcase their work and caliber.

You search for the type of projects you want, see the showcased work, and contact the developer.


I just tried CodeProject. It's a great site.

Agree, CodeProject has my vote.

Hi, you shared me very useful information.. !

CodeProject would be a good place to start. Finding good help to outsource to is not an easy task. I've tried using Upwork on several occasions and I had to go through close to 25 people before finding the right partner. Persistence is key though, and it can pay off big time for you in the long run when you find the right individual... keep searching and be sure to really interview the ones you are interested in to make sure they are fit for the job before you give them a try, otherwise you'll just be wasting dollars and time.


Not sure I understand the question. Are you looking to do remote software development or are you looking to outsource projects?

The easy answer to either of those questions could be as simple as ODesk.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com etc. All these places will allow you to either find freelancers, or search for freelance projects.

Successfully freelancing is as much about prospecting for projects as it is about building relationships. If you are looking to do some remote development, start by talking to the people you've done development for in the past and see if they have any work or projects you can handle remotely. If you have development work that needs to be outsourced, talk to developers you've worked with in the past and see if they want some side work, or if they know other developers that freelance. If all your networking avenues are at their end, start networking more by going to local developer meetups and events, or as a last resort turn to the internet resources I mentioned above.


If Craigslist.org is available in your country, you can check the software section out because some companies post there as well! Besides, that I think the answer below is right; odesk, freelance and guru are quite helpful!

Is Craiglist a job board?

Anonymous User

Hi Slava, why not create your own project for your team? This is much more fun than working for other people, helping them to prosper for just a flat fee, and then on to the next!

I understand if you need to pay the bills and feed yourself, but once those are taken care of, use your team's time to design and build your own product or service.

Obviously I've simplified things enormously, for example, how to create your own project, but that's one of the fun parts.

I agree with your comments on silly prices on elance, freelancer, etc. I have used 'People Per Hour', and the money people expect to pay is freelancers is ridiculously low - a complete waste of time.

Feel free to get in touch if you think I can help some.

Thank you Clive. Actually it is like a snow ball. As soon as we started customers started to show up from no where... We are now successfully running 4 projects with few more in the pipe line. I do have a product, but don't know how sell it yet.


I have a software project in need of sdk and component modernization as well as a little additional development. I have a Semantic Web 3/4 Intelligent Agent and MicroApp Framework Wizard. It is wrote in Delphi/Pascal.

We would like to develop the modules for you, please be free to drop an email to sunil@natsun.net.

Dear Robert Sir, we would like to implement the application for you. Please send me a mail with the requirements


Hi Slava,

I don't think there wont be any site particularly dealing with software project, etc.. To outsource new project why don't you try and find it with freelance, elance and on other sites.

Anonymous User

Freelancers have specific method of working, not always fit to our business profile. But good advice thank You for good knowledge .


If you are looking or medium or small software projects, the best option is www.quote4projects.com. It is focused on software projects, and takes the time to match the needs of the project and the capability profile of the vendor and matches them. Posting projects is free, while providers have to pay a small fee to get the contact details of the project originator.

For individual free lancers, sites like elance are good.

Hi, you shared me very useful information, you are the best!
suggest this page


You need to network more than anything else. Am sure when you speak to a lot of people in the industry you will be able to get some projects. When you have something to sell, you have many people ready to buy.
Good luck.


commission based sales were invented to allow technology people to be focused on technology, you need to find the sellers

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