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Where can I get free do-follow backlinks for a website?

Hello, everyone.
Help me please, people. I have to optimize SEO of https://appus.software site. Please share experiences where I can get free do-follow backlinks for a US-oriented site. Thank you.

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Do a competitor analysis of top ranking sites of your industry, and see what backlinks they bank upon and then try to replicate.

Also, try to do a good mix of content marketing instead of just doing directory submissions of bookmarketing, guest blogging is a good option also but comes with a lot of restrictions at times. SEO these days is write and spread good content, get into directory or profile lists relevant with your industry, and keep active on your social pages. I understand search engine these days pretty much consider your social activeness also.

Thank you for your answer, Sudeep. I will use your tips for increasing https://appus.software


SEO has been so advanced today. The difference between do-follow and no-follow has no value now. Just do mix activities with both no-follow and do-follow. About your second query, I say that you can find good backlinks from the backlink analysis of your industry's top competitors.

Emily, thank you for your answer :-)

I agree with Emily, keep ratio of do-follow & no-follow to improve you website in search engine.


The best way to get free do-follow links is to contribute your best unique article as guest posting. You can find a list of the best guest posting blogs here https://bloghunt.me/category/guest-posts/

Thank you for your answer :-)


please find web 2.0 link , or backlink checker tool on google. it show your competitors back link.


"Free" and "cheap" will only lead to poor quality backlinks that will do more harm than good. Backlinks that come from forum posts, PBNs and contributor sites don't give you the juice they used to. A content marketing strategy -- which involves creating and placing articles that contain backlinks in relevant and high-ranking media outlets -- has to be approached by considering the article before the backlink. Too many marketers think of an article as merely a wrapper for a backlink, and in so doing, they harm their brands with thin, irrelevant or poor quality content. See my article "Backlink Strategies That Work" on Content Marketing Digest at http://contentmarketingdigest.com/backlink-strategies-that-work/ for some specific guidance. Guest posting and contributed articles are an excellent way to gain good backlinks, but the media outlets that you want to be in will usually have some sort of editorial oversight and quality control, so the "write-and-post" strategy isn't going to work. Get someone on your team that can produce journalist-quality articles, with backlinks that are organic to the content and not forced.

Thank you, Dan, for your answer.


Stumble upon, Blogger, Hub pages, Xing and Tumbr are examples of WEB 2.0 sites that can be used to provide do follow backlinks. They are free.

Anonymous User


There is a complete list of high pr dofollow backlinks

Make backlinks and have patience. It will take time for google to discover those and affect your rankings.

Thank you very much for useful link for our [URL="https://appus.software"]site[/URL]


Create Quality Content with target keywords, Find Competitor Lists and Check back Links, Where is Linking with which Keywords and How do. and make a good strategy for back Links. Like : Guest post, Blogs, Article, Press Release and Local Business listing etc..

For Do-Follow Links:
Create Business Profile with links, content and images Like Google my Business
Social Media Profile Like Facebook, linkedin, Twitter etc.
Guest Post With target Keywords with helping Keywords [Search Google Trend for which Keywords Going on Good and Breakdown]
Blog post with image, Catchy title and Links Like Blogger, Tumblr, Reddit etc.
Join Forum or Discussion Board like Business.com, Quora and Many more sites.
Find Do-Follow article Directory and Submit of Article with links
Find Do Follow Directory
Chekc make Do Follow Links with DA, PA and target Keywords
If you are looking Many More Do Follow Links Tie-up with news Site, Blogger and Influencer for Do-follow back Links

Other pattern running on More Digital marketing Peoples Contact them , Follow Up and make backlinks for target pages!!

Thank you. I will use your tips for our site https://appus.software

Thank you ! !


search on fiverr.com you will find many

Blog Commenting is most power full backlinks these day you can try this service very effect work



You need to focus on creating quality content first, after that you can outreach through the mail to all the relevant niche sites so that you can get quality free backlinks instead getting 100 junk free backlinks.

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