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Where can I find the marketing support to help me get my startup off the ground and running?

I'm currently self employed and stay extremely busy. I'm looking to move my services in an exciting new direction. However, I am going to need to design/develop business literature, forms, presentations, website etc. in order to market my idea.

What kind of business service provides an overall concept to a startup service that would be able to help me do all the things needed to get to being a "startup"? The idea involves marketing to realtors at board meetings and trade shows, and continuing education presentations of our service. I believe is it unique and extremely needed in the swimming pool market of real estate.

I'm just so busy, but I want to get moving on this and I don't have the time to design and implement professionally what needs to be done ahead of time. I need help and not sure where to start to look for that help. Thank you in advance!!

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Busy is good, it beats the alternatives. FYI- I just spoke at the National Home Builders Southeast Builders Conference in Orlando Fl on the 27th of July. I am an active real estate investor, have run a remodeling firm in Sarasota, Fl which ended up to be the Remodeler of the Year for 2004. I know a bit about pools, real estate and marketing.

As a marketing agency that works with people like yourself, I would like to caution you on spreading your projects over a variety of freelancers. You need a unified look, complimentary design, consistent message and solid brand. That can't come from spray and pray. You need a single source for all you desire.

There are a lot of components to what you seek, but it starts with a diagnosis of the past, present and most importantly, the future. That can take time to discuss.

If you would like to speak offline, I would be happy to explain what we can do for you. You can check me out at https://marketingpartnersllc.com 800.213.0058

David J Dunworth

Well Said David about "diagnosis."

Anonymous User

You've made a good point here David -

"I would like to caution you on spreading your projects over a variety of freelancers. You need a unified look, complimentary design, consistent message and solid brand. That can't come from spray and pray. You need a single source for all you desire."

I totally agree. Best to have one platform that helps one create what's needed to get the brand off the ground.

Anonymous User

Always be firm on your target audience, even if you think you know what that is, re visit and make sure you are exact in the market you are aiming at. Marketing changes all of the time, what is current now, may not be so relevant in a couple weeks time and its important to carry out your marketing in bite sized pieces. I think investing in an external source is going to be the way forward, use solid good marketers who will tackle your campaign in bursts but first do your research and find the best people for the role. Its really important in my mind that anyone you work with on a project understands what you are trying to achieve and you agree the best approach. Always be really involved because was you learn through marketing (usually what doesn't work) is invaluable as you move forward.


Good evening, Mike,

Your question leads me to believe you are seeking a marketing resource to help you create some sales & marketing collateral, slide decks and some other material to support a new initiative. You also seem to have a sense of your target market - which is good. Is this audience geographically centered (regional or local), or is this a national/international effort? Also, have you developed target goals or other metrics of success for this activity? At the risk of not being exactly sure of what you are looking for (I think vendor/service provider) recommendations), I am happy to recommend a marketing & creative resource for you who can readily help with what you are seeking.

Karen Meyer
Karen Meyer, Inc.
Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, PR

303-757-6718 (main)
303-916-0016 (mobile)

Skype: KarenMeyerDenver | 303 872 7782

Her business is helping create brands, copywriting and design, strategy, client success and more.

Best wishes for success along the journey!



I think you want to try some of the freelancer networks and startup networks. We use Upworks for devs and freelance writers because I can see theor work history and ratings and the money goes into escrow. They also have marketing people. They and their competitors support hourly and project based work. Angel.co is good to tap into startup-friendly people including remote and part time workers.

Anonymous User

Get a website. Get it optimised (SEO)
Use social media and social media marketing (Facebook ads)
Contact swimming pool manufacturers.
Contact swimming pool maintenance people.
Contact swimming pool owners.


in this regard, I recommend Adansonia Entrepreneuship program for you; where you can get free Entrepreneurial training and start up support. Please, visit www.adansonia.com for more.

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