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Where would one look for potential mobile app programmers?

Interested in getting programming support to build a mobile app (with an idea that has achieved proof-of-concept).

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You can find those via google search, on upwork or freelancer (though least recommended because of overcrowded, and impossible screening), and also in forums like these. App developers like yours truly would contribute on related questions across these forums and you can always try them first for the reason of trust, and public availability. ;)

You can hire a vetted developer or a team from www.agicent.com, and also calculate cost of app development using http://www.agicent.com/app-development-cost-calculator.


Hi John,

I can help you to build the mobile app. My company 'Floges Software Solutions' is an app development company, delivered more than 100 mobile apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Please send me a message or visit our website www.flogesoft.com

Best regards,

Anonymous User

Try PeoplePerHour.com - although mostly for the UK, it does give access to developers around the world. Who ever you find, I'd give them one small 'proving' project first.


upwork.com and angel.co are pretty valuable resources for finding developers.

Good luck!


Anonymous User

Hi John!

We have some available resources and could help you with your mobile app. We have some good samples in healthcare industry and could show you.

If interested, please feel free to contact me.


Hi John, you can find them here https://codeclerks.com/


First if it is proprietary or niche concept, DO NOT and especially with those capablw of creating it, share any information whatsoever without first receiving a signed non disclosure non compete agreement.

There are a great number of app developers out there, in your research look for those who not only have the capacity but that have successfully devoloped apps which incorporate key aspects of specific functionality required . For example i may want an app to allow college students to buy and sell used textbooks. Specific technological requirements would be site registration for users, member profile a way to show member history ie sale and purchase history. The developer doesnt have to have built an app for books or students.But should be skilled in the pieces that make your app fulfill its intention.
Ask questions, but just as important listen to what questions they ask of you. If they are not asking then they are not the one you want. After all, without taking time to first understand what success looks like in your eyes, how then may they intentionally facilitate that.
Look for responsive designers. Screen size differences vary so widely by device and brand the only way to ensure your app renders beautifully for all viewers/users responsive designs sense the device calling for it and provides the layout best suited for use by the system requesting access.

There's certainly some good information here, but I have to disagree with asking a potential developer to sign an NDA before any information is shared. NDAs have their place, but not at such an early stage.

As anyone who's developed or had software developed for them could attest, it's extraordinarily rare for the initial idea to not change countless times before turning into a product, if it ever does. Not expecting this and asking me to sign an NDA before any discussions take place is a warning sign of inexperience and delusions of grandeur.

NDAs make sense when they cover specific intellectual property (not the typical vague and generalized templates you'll find) and are entered into upon an employment agreement.


Anonymous User

Tim, I have to say I agree with Erin with regards to NDA. As well as designing websites, we develop apps and software for clients. In all cases we happily sign NDA at the concept stage as many apps (mobile or desktop) are about business ideas/concepts and not simply lines of code. I would not advise anyone to disclose information about their “Business Concept” without 1st getting people to sign an NDA. That includes developers, investors, lawyers (yes them too), accountants, etc.


Dear John,

Pleasure meeting you here. I'm Kirtan Thaker, co-founder of Whitelotus Corporation a mobile app development agency. We are operating since 5 years and have helped several customers to bring their mobile app idea to life. I would like to get in touch with you to discuss your idea and perhaps work with you on it.

Let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous User

You can easily find mobile app developer on freelancer.com but I must warn you to check out the feedback of the developer in depth. Most of the freelance developers on the web are either students or beginners. You should try to look for developers who can show you their previous work.


Hi John, Our Company name is Endynamis Technologies, India and are expertise in developing Mobile Applications, currently we are providing our services to Finance companies. Further discussion you may contact us: sales(at)endynamis(dot)com

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