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Which is the best BI tool for your business?

Please let me know what your suggestions are. Is the best business intelligence tool also the right one for all businesses?

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You can try Roosboard, a Voice and search enabled analytics platform for business intelligence that allows non-tech people to access, analyze and evaluate the data. It provides interactive business charts, ability to combine them with tables to create efficient reports. Talk to Roosboard and get your answers immediately with eminent voice driven analytics. Not only does voice analytics translate speech to text, it can also convert result text to speech like Siri and Alexa.

It seamlessly connects various databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Azure, Cloud SQL and much more.

Roosboard Provides:

- No matter where your data exists, use instant search to fetch your results.
- Anyone can search their data without typing and discover insights through our voice search analytics.
- Embed a white-label, Search Based Business Intelligence and analytics into your application or websites.
- Guided Search engine can be easily embedded on your portal to search any records.
- Embed Dashboard capabilities to make your reports & analyses available wherever you need them.
- Anyone can Embed a Chart in a webpage using the Roosboard embedded charts feature.
For more details, please visit: Roosboard.com


Tableau is a fantastic platform. It can help anyone see and understand their own data. Tableau can connect to almost any database and you can drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a just a click. It makes business intelligence faster and easier.


We use Microsoft's Power BI at our company, and it's amazing. Gives you an in-depth insight on the customers, a real-time insight on the traffic and the customer behavior.


I have heard a lot about SAP and Oracle. I think this would help you for generating revenue.

Anonymous User

My business needed to have a more secure Internet connection, that's why I addressed to Novavpn service, https://novavpn.com/. It has an ability to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously, and all your traffic will be secured. That's what I needed for corporate spies aren't sleeping.


If you own a shop. You can opt for Google Smart Speakers. You can keep one in the showroom space and one in the boss's office. They would keep your customers entertained. You would need only 12 of them over a 40 year period. Each Google Smart Speaker has six functions and you play Russian Roulette with the functions. Trust me there wouldn't be a single fault you could find in this pedigree of a product for 40 year time period!

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