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Which is the best business model to sell an online grocery shopping solution?


We have developed an eCommerce solution for groceries which includes a storefront website, android & ios apps, and an admin panel. By using our solution, startups or retailers can start an online grocery business within their brand.

Can anyone suggest the best business model for selling? We had a plan to sell the solution in a one-time charge. We can't afford monthly or yearly pricing plans and are planning to sell that through our website.

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Go with the model of yearly pricing plans, i think this is the best for an ecommerce website..

Good advice for e-commerce business sir. I thought about your idea and finally realized that from your idea we can attract customers to our business and bond with customers long-term.


Customers demands quality with reasonable prices so it is very important to consider post the factors. But i think competing on price is would not be the best options for smaller retailers for the very reason that everyone bigger than you typically has better margins and can always go lower than you.

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.


Price becomes secondary if retailers/grocery stores find your solution useful. Initially, you have to start with a trial period for your clients i.e. let them use it for say 60 days. If they find it useful, they will be happy to pay. We suggested a similar policy to one of our clients for his app product, now after the trial period, he is getting paid clients. But, during and after trial period they are providing service also. Do not expect all trials to convert into paid clients, you have to be patient with the marketing of your product.

A one-time charging option is good, but it has to be with free one year service of regular updates. After one year you can charge a nominal fee for upgraded services.

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