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Which drop shipping service is the best fit for our growing e-commerce business?

We are a growing e-commerce business with an established website built on the Shopify Platform with highly developed and customized theme and full-fledged functionalities. We are already importing products from Amazon.com and Shopstyle using a customized API tool developed by high-end developers that utilize our Amazon Business Account and Advertising API to import products from Amazon to our Shopify back-end and keep syncing the products attributes for any change in price or stock availability. We have the same for ShopStyle with their API with a power of dedicated servers hosting with management.

Lately, we are facing some issues with sync, and the Amazon Ad API and the ShopStyle API. The sync is taking so long to update all 5,000+ products with 60,000+ variants on our website. Also, we are having issues with Amazon API subscription, as they are requesting us to use their link for products on our website which we can't as this will take the customer to check out on Amazon website! While our business model has its own checkout. The same with ShopStyle, lately they just stopped their API with no reason, so our website is left with no Sync from either Amazon or ShopStyle.

We are looking to add drop shipping as a reliable source of products with the extra order management and fulfillment. As we already have our warehouse and fulfillment center in the states for international orders (at the moment for Jordan and Georgia, GCC countries and Turkey on the way).

So by this, we can also offer our ready website to sell in the states.

As you can see, I tried to brief our 2 years experience and business model in the lines above, and lately, I created an account at Dropshipper.com, but then I got to your site and read the reviews: https://www.business.com/categories/best-dropship-services/

So, now I'm puzzled on which one to go with? I noticed that your verdict was for Doba with an expensive cost!

Can you help us to decide on the best drop shipping service for our case?

Also, we see in Amazon and ShopStyle a high potential, and it would be great if any of the drop shippers you would recommend has them in their database.

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