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Which path should I take to share my traumatic event with the world?

I endured a serious, life-changing injury due to medical malpractice. It is such a crazy incident and everyone that I have told my story to is shocked, speechless, and tells me to share my story with the world. I have no idea where to begin or who to contact in order to see if my story is worth anything.

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Anonymous User

The first thing I would do is write it down, even if you feel you are not good at writing, make a start and try to put into words what happened to you. Not only will this need to be done but it may help you to organise it all in your mind. There are places you can sell your story or have your story published. Try looking online and finding an agent who will be able to offer more information on whether this could be a possible book deal, that's a place to start and may lead to other opportunities for you, good luck.

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