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Who are the top 5 fashion and beauty bloggers in Dubai?

Hi readers, I am new to online shopping in Dubai city. I want to discover the top 5 fashion and beauty bloggers to help get creative ideas and trends from the Dubai shopping world. It is just my curiosity that wants to learn fashion, travel, and beauty trends in Dubai. Can anyone provide the best answer on this topic?

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Hi Samaira,

Do you plan to get into beauty blogging? I can't name anyone specifically, but I have heard of the website: http://emirateswoman.com/ which reports on fashion, lifestyle and news of women in Dubai. I would check here for fashion influencers, and then follow them on Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas. Many fashionistas now also have their own blogs that they publish on daily. You can observe how often they post, what they are posting (is it mostly photos or blogging), are they promoting products, etc. Most importantly, have fun with it.


You can follow fashion blogs or visit websites like http://www.fashionsalesoutlet.com.au/ to know about latest trends in fashion industry.

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