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Who can help me with my website?

I think that my website www.tshirtsflorida.com has one or several construction problems, and I need a professional to make an evaluation or build a new one if necessary.

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You can content me I have a team of professional web developers

Work As A Driver


I visited your web site it is more one the line of a software development company. Colors are missing in website body/ background. My team can help you to redesign it professionally.

You must understand you product is meant for almost all type of business clients e.g. for publicity, corporate uniform, sports, etc. etc.

Professional presentation is a must.


Anonymous User

Dear Jose

We have been designing websites since 2006 including providing hosting and support.

The only way to tell if your website is "working as intended" is to see your Design Brief. I would not be surprised if you told me that you have no documented Design Brief as you would be the same 99% of clients we come across. If you do have this documented then congratulations as you are one of the 1%, and please include this document in any discussions you have with anyone you ask to fix your issues.

If you do not have a design brief (don't beat yourself up you are just like 99% of customers out there!), here is some help to get you started https://www.cognisant-hosting.com/create-website-design-brief/

You need to put this together before you approach anyone asking them to fix your problems (or better still before you start designing it to begin with). The website is supposed to do what it says in the document, and if it is not in the document then it is not supposed to do it. For a website of your size and function, I would expect your document to be around 20-25 pages. I know this sounds frightening, but just think about how you would explain to someone "How to order a T-Shirt" or "How to track your order", etc. Yes you are right, this can also be used in your user manual and FAQ. Now add all of these together and you will note that 20 pages in a conservative estimate.

The problem we find is that most website owners dive into design (the exciting bit) before considering the function and expectations (the tedious bit), then the firefighting starts which can become a total nightmare for both the owner and designers.

We will be very happy to help you achieve the aims and objectives of your website, and make it work as you intended it to, but first you need to do some homework and write down what it was you wanted it to do! Contact us via our website https://www.cognisant-hosting.com

We look forward to the possibility of assisting you.




I think you need full support from expert Web developers. You can drop your request here info@acodez.in

Vipin Nayar

Anonymous User

If you don't have sufficient programming knowledge, I suggest that you use WordPress, in particular the WordPress themes supplied by TemplateMonster https://www.templatemonster.com/. You'll easily customize any of them just with a few clicks.

Anonymous User

Hi Jose.

I was wondering if you managed to sort your site issues out yet.

Im more than happy to have a more in depth look if not (as the sites not a CMS, in fact looks like bootstrap even).

Please feel free to drop an enquiry at www.jack-enterprises.com.

Good luck

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