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Why are people abandoning my online shopping cart?

I recently launched an online store that sells all types of products, but people keep adding stuff to their shopping cart and then abandoning it.

How can I fix this issue?

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There is an obvious answer, but before we get there, here's a tip for finding answers like this for everyone who has an ecommerce site. Set up a funnel in Google Analytics for the path through the checkout process. Then you will be able to identify exactly what page you are losing them on. If you were to do that, after you get a good number of sales, I think you might find you are losing them on the payment page. I agree with Stuart here. You can't successfully run a strictly case ecommerce business! Even if what you sold is the only one in the world, I doubt anyone would send you a check and trust you'll deliver.

Your other option is tell them to finish the checkout, you'll mail the product and then they can send you a check.
Did you just gasp? Hopefully, now you'll understand your customer.

ADDENDUM: Serge, I just read your comment about cash on delivery. That's your problem then! You don't say that. Or does it need to be said? In your country, is that what a cash purchase means? In any case, I'd eliminate that possible friction by stating this is cash on delivery. That's good for the customer, but I'm curious, isn't that risky for the seller? How many deliveries do you do that never get completed because they buyer changes their mind? Is there a way to protect yourself? Perhaps, that's another reason they abandon; maybe they don't know what their obligation is. You need to state that as well.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous User

Hi Serge,

I checked out your site and there are a number of reasons why people are leaving your shopping cart - they range from:

1. The font you are using is difficult to read and painful on the eye.
2. People might leave nowadays to get a discount emailed to them.
3. Why join your site BEFORE the cart stage? A not needed action and could put people off.
4. Why ask people a second time, to join?
5. Form at cart stage seems already partly filled in, based on the IP address? - why? are you spying on me/the customer?
6. Why is it only CASH payment? How are people going to pay you? THIS IS YOUR REASON WHY CART ABANDONMENT IS SO HIGH!

How are people finding your site - it is not optimised.


Hello Stuart,

First i would like to thank you for taking the time to checkout my website,

3. do you mean the newsletter popup ?
4. customers are not required to make an account that is why at the end of the transaction you get asked to join.
5.when entering the cart stage usually your browser as already your data saved so they would be automatically filled it is not something that my website does on it's own.
6.i am currently working on the Cash on Delivery method as it is proven to be in my country more efficient, later on i will be adding credit card payments.

Can you please tell me how could i optimize my website, i am currently getting followers via Facebook

Best Regards


What is the link for your Store?

Most people abandon carts for limited payment options, delivery not available in their area or finding similar items elsewhere.


I checked up the website otloubnow.com. You have no scripts for human verification or validation on the items. So even a click bot can come and keep adding items to your store cart without actually adding anything of value to the whole system.

Your reasons for not adding the human verification step might be for good as it reduces the number of clicks to get to the payment page, which is 3 clicks to card details. But this also increases the chances of click-bots and other anti-social elements to come spam your cart.

Simple solution would be to create a login, or when someone clicks go to cart, have a simple human verification step. It should reduce the number of rogue bogeys.

Have a look at the analytics page to understand source of all the rogue incoming traffic as someone might be targeting your website.



All of the answers everyone provided have been spot on. I took a look at your site from a buyers perspective. When you look at the license agreement and google who the site is owned by, almost no results come up. I am sure your site is legitimate however, this could raise some flags to potential shoppers that are about to make a purchase, and before they convert, they do a mini-google background check and decide to go elsewhere.

I would try to increase your presence and authority online. You can do these multiple ways. Feel free to reach out for a further discussion.

Tom McCann


Probably delivery charges is the issue. Check, how you can deliver without extra charges on customer.

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