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Why is digital marketing a popular career path today?

I want to learn and explore more about digital marketing and the career opportunities in this field. I wish to join a digital marketing course in my hometown (Kerala). Which course would be better?

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi Devika,

Digital marketing is a broad/general term for online marketing; it composes of several marketing channels. Like:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - focus more on gaining ORGANIC Traffic.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - focus more on PAID Traffic using different advertising platforms like Google
Adwords and Social Media Ads.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) - focus more on Brand Marketing.

Email Marketing - focus more on getting leads through email.

Content Marketing - focus more on publishing quality content.

Mobile Marketing - focus more on targeting users through mobile devices.

That's just some of the major channels of digital marketing.

Nowadays, SEO, SEM, and social media marketer are the most in-demand career in the online world.

Udemy and Lynda.com offer these courses on a competitive basis.

What I recommend is to take an SEO course first, then SEM and Social Media.

Either way, they all worth learning.

Good luck!

Hope you will continue pursuing this career, trust me it's worth it. ;)

Anonymous User

Dear Devika

This is a loaded and interesting questions!

I am a cynic and as such am always suspicious of bandwagons and trends. Whilst there are some excellent digital marketing companies and individuals, in essence they are like an accountant or a lawyer. Until you use one, you have no idea how good they are!

It is popular career path for many for the following positive reason:

- It is a varied and interesting job

- It is always changing so you never be bored or stop learning

- It is challenging and perfect for the competitive soles!

However, there are some negative reasons that is attracting the wrong kind of people!

- It is difficult to measure the impact (except for SEO). Social Media is now taking over the PR of the old, as the black art that nobody can understand, and worst still, nobody can really measure!

- You can hide for a long time charging for your services but not delivering any real results, without anyone knowing or being able to measure.

- As a result, it is licence to print money, just like FIAT money you never have to show any substance. As long as you have good PowerPoint skills, you can blag your way for a long time.

We are a web design and SEO company, and we stick to what we know. We get a lot of requests for managing client's Social Media from our SEO customers. However, we stay well away from it as we provide a monthly SEO report setting the objectives for the next month for both SEO and Social Media activities. We leave the SM to the people who do it full time and know what they are doing.

If you get into SM, beware that you will have a lot of people who will be sceptical of what you so, as it is actually very difficult to provide measurable results. People talk a lot nonsense about Engagement, Followers, Likes, etc. but that is just “Bad Science”. Just because you can measure something, it does not mean it tells you anything useful. This is why I remain a cynic about SM as I have spent my life looking at KPI's, statistics, and business indicators to make business decisions. To this day, I have not seen anything that proves these statistics actually provide any meaningful results for businesses unless you are a SM company and you are being paid by these results!

So be careful before parting with money for courses, as the same so called "Experts" are now getting on the bandwagon of training the next generation of "Specialists", and make even more money by training the unsuspecting.


There are a pool of opportunities as most of the organizations are expanding to the online world. But then there is a lack of essentially skilled professional that would help them to connect the virtual and the real world. You can become a digital marketing expert, or else, even specialize in any one discipline of your interest like SEO, SEM, or Social Media which is also in great demand. A number of giant companies including the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. are looking for trained consultants and here is your opportunity to be a part of this bandwagon. Getting digitally trained and affluent under a reputed institute makes one industry ready with the most required knowledge, practical experience, and exposure to tools and processes.


Nowadays, markets are too competitive, whether that is online or offline. Every business requires marketing to promote their brand, products, and services online. Because of this, the demand for digital marketing specialists is growing day by day. To learn more about it, simply visit at http://www.easywebsolutions.co.in/choose-digital-marketing-kick-start-career/.


Well its because digital marketing is in demand and almost all businesses are going for digital marketing strategy in order for their business to be more successful and to increase their branding when it comes to online means. Regards, Maryann Farrugia on Tumblr.

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