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Why is a long tail keyword more SEO worthy than a short tail keyword?

Why are long tail keywords more SEO worthy than short tail keywords? And are there any new best practices I should follow to change my website keywords from short-tail to long-tail?

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My name is Loren and I run a Strategic Marketing Agency in Norway. That is a very good question that many of our clients have.

I'm going to use an example to answer your question;

If you have a shoe store in LA, you might think that the perfect SEO word is "shoe". However, the internet is crowded and it's a difficult place to be found. If a potential client from Los Angeles is interested in buying shoes, he would go to Google to find some "inspiration" and would type something like "elegant shoe store in LA". The more you niche down with your words on search engines, the easier it is for potential customers to find you.

Regarding best practices, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who are YOU as a blogger/online brand?
2. What do YOU offer to your audience?
3. How does it serve your audience?
4. Why is this important to your audience?

Getting back to the Shoe Store example, a great way to optimize it would be:

"elegant shoe store Los Angeles"
"elegant shoes LA"
"trendy shoe store Los Angeles"
"best shoes Los Angeles"

I hope these tips are helpful! If you want more tips about business/growth strategy I suggest you watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD8wxP0M3V0&t=6s). It is a 6-minute video developed by my team and me, where I explain how to design your business for growth. We also have a podcast called "Viking Mark Radio" where we talk about Strategies to Grow Online. If you're interested, you can find it on Itunes :)


It's all about conversion optimization. It's much easier to get a conversion if you know the searcher's intent. This is why long tail keywords are so valuable. Plus they're much less competitive.


Long tail keywords can lower an ads budget and cost per conversion. Also, when you target a long tail keyword, you are going to get higher quality clicks as the end user is searching for exactly what you are offering.

I wrote a blog on keyword research: https://www.firstpagelife.com/blog/keyword-research-101/


Long tail keywords are much better than short tail keywords because they are mostly less competitive and also improve quality traffic to any website...


A long tail keyword is best for short time search rank. Because short tail keyword normally searches high volume and higher competition but long tail keyword search lower volume that causes easy rank in Google, Google index issue phases march search result.


The answers here already capture my thoughts but I would suggest you do some keyword research from nowhere other than Long Tail Pro DOT com There are many other keyword tools but Long Tail Pro has a pretty simple method for identifying "low hanging" fruit keywords.


I suggest you use Keywords Explorer by https://ahrefs.com/. Also, there are tons of great articles that cover this topic.

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