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What is the strategy around producing testers or samples for a product?

I recently sold perfume testers for well known brands such as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, which are far cheaper than the original perfume, but the tester unit is absolutely the same as the normal perfume. I wonder why companies spend more on the final product when the testers are the same. What should the strategy be around producing testers or samples, as opposed to the final product? Thank you.

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For the most part there is NO difference. All you really end up paying for as a consumer is the packaging and marketing. So I would assume the manufacture passes those costs to the consumer.

First of all thank you for the reply .But i wonder wouldn't the perfume company face some loss as they didn't control their tester and the possibility of the current customer to buy the tester instead of the original. Also does this affect the perfume shop that sell the perfume at retail price.

The reason why i asked this question is, I believe if the tester unit causing loss to the perfume company they will take an action to limit the tester unit. I think there must have some strategy behind this pile of tester unit in the market or maybe perfume company just doesn't care at all as it does not affect the sale. Sorry for my english as it is my second language. Once again thank you very much.


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