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Where can I find graphic designers to collaborate with my team and I?

Hello, I am looking for graphic designers, 3D Acrobat designers, videographers and industrial designers to work with on creating presentations of independently-made inventions, for our Independent Inventors in our organization (Market Financed Inventions). Is there anyone willing to collaborate with me as a designer, or is there anyone here who would be happy to collaborate with me in order to find designers? If you want to help Independent Inventors of the world, please do help in any way you can. :) Thank you.

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Anonymous User

I have often collaborated with creative freelancers from sites like UpWork(Elance+oDesk) and freelancer.com.
I too would be happy to collaborate, just send me a message with additional details.


Id be happy to help you with anything you need. Shoot me a email with details about your project(s) and Ill have a proposal for you. Feel free to connect anytime, my profile has my website and information.

Thank you, I will do that.


I would love to help. I am an instructional designer who has graphic design experience and industrial design experience.

I sent you a message! Thank you for your interest! :)


Here is a creative source and production tool that i use. https://www.canva.com/scafidiandrea

I also use canva. :) However, what we are looking for, are new team members! :) I have sent you a message with further explanations, hope that helps! Thanks!


I would be happy to help you with anything you need.Please send me your detail requirement of the project then i will send you proper proposal.



I am running a small agency, where I got talented designer in my team, I am willing to collaborate with your team and You, We can discuss about projects. Our service is highly creative and reasonable in sense of price. Shoot me a PM so that I can show past work.

I look forward for your response


Hello, thank you for your response! I only connect with those whom I can verify through LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn account, kindly direct me to it before we move forward, thanks again! :)

Anonymous User

Hi Joy,
small advertising agencies are generally supporting the client at 360°, but they are very expensive. I'd look for a frelancer by searching the internet in your area and investigating if they are working in a structured company or alone. The second is your target. Below a useful link:
Hope it does help.
Kind Regards,



If you're looking for professionals I'd suggest checking out designer's networks.

You can check - http://www.keenesystems.com/Services/GraphicDesign/OurGraphicDesignProcess.aspx, provides best affordable graphic design services


Fiverr is a good spot to find free lancers.


Upwork is my go to website for freelancers of all kinds

I wrote a lengthy post about how to find, hire and work collaboratively with Rockstar Freelancers.

It provides you with the whole resource list on a bunch of different websites where you can find people to do all kinds of jobs from setting up a WordPress website to tweaking your server or writing blog content for you.

Hope this helps.


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