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How Community Works

Our community is a place for small business owners to connect, exchange advice, and help each other make smarter business decisions

We have two account types: Business or Expert. See the difference below:


  • Join as a business if your primary goal is to grow. You’ll be able to:
  • Ask business questions and get real-time, actionable advice from industry experts
  • Have access to thousands of articles to improve your business
  • Connect with experts in your area who are available for hire and have all the info you need to make an informed hiring decision
Ask the community anything related to your small business. Or browse our library of advice with over 5,000 questions and 50,000 answers. Business accounts can also answer questions. We want you to share your own business experiences, best practices, and advice with others.
Get access to thousands of business articles and resources on starting a business, finding customers, securing funding, and more. All of our content is approved by the Business.com team so you can be confident that you are receiving up-to-date and accurate business tips.
There are many critical aspects to growing a business and you cannot possibly do everything yourself. Our community can help you get the right expert help to grow your business. Our expert profiles include qualifications, personal styles, and reviews to make your hiring decisions easier. See sample advice by experts to better evaluate their fit to your particular needs.


  • Join as an expert if you offer B2B services and your primary goal is to get hired. You’ll be able to:
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader by answering business questions
  • Build a portfolio of business information, advice, and reviews to show prospective clients
  • Appear in the Expert Search so businesses in your area can find you
Answering questions is a great way to generate leads. By helping people with a current business challenge, you position yourself well for getting hired. Be the first to answer questions by selecting topics in your area of expertise. When a prospective client asks a question in that topic, we will let you know.
Prospective clients want to know who you are and how you can help them. Build a compelling profile that describes yourself, the services you offer, and your experience to help make a lasting impression on small business owners. Don’t forget to link up your social accounts and add reviews so prospective clients can get the whole picture.
Get Hired
Appear in our Expert Search, which is a directory of server providers available for hire. We will categorize you geographically so businesses in your area can easily find you. Our Expert Rank algorithm determines where you rank relative to other members in Expert Search results. A complete profile, positive reviews from clients, and the quality and frequency of your contributions to the community will affect your rank.

Contributing Content in the Community

Whether you are a business or expert, we want to hear from you

We are always looking for fresh perspectives to share with our community members. You may choose to write about your own small business topics or ask us for suggestions. We continually collect feedback and monitor discussions among community members to learn what business topics they care most about.
If you are interested in applying to be a content contributor, you can learn more here.

Community Guidelines

We want the Business.com community to continue to be a safe and authentic place for small business owners to find inspiration and express their business ideas and challenges in the workplace. In order for us to continue to facilitate these conversations between small business owners, we have come up with the following community tips and guidelines.
Thank you for helping to foster a high quality community.

Contact Us

Did we miss something? If you have questions or comments specific to community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at community@business.com.

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