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We provide professional quality output within your budget and timeline.

We don’t have traditional brick and mortar office and will never have one. Also, we well never take office space on lease or rent. So, you will be always charged fairly – only for your work, not for any kind of office rent and expenses.

We know that there is no ‘One size fits all’ solution. Every work is unique by it’s own. Hence we work accordingly, fully customized and in cost effective manner as per your business. To know more, contact us to get started.

Business Description

We offer following services :

1) 2D and 3D Animation : Concept, Story Board, Cinematic, Asset Creation, Animation, Effects, Render Passes, Complete Project from Pre-Production to Post-Production

2) VFX : Roto, Keying/Chroma Removal, Wire Removal, Clean Up, Effects, Particle, Simulation, 2D and 3D Tracking, Paint, Stereo, Integration of Live Action Footage with CG Footage, Compositing

3) Motion Graphics : Changes accordingly to client. Vibrant, colorful, shiny for Media and Entertainment Clients. Sophisticated, composed, on location shooting for Corporate Clients.

4) Graphics and Print Design : Delivers all categories of Designs including Logo Design, Brochure, Banner, Flyer, Poster, Book Cover, Report Card, Certificate, Calendar, Diary, Business Card, Visiting Card, Image Restoration, Photo Retouching / Manipulation, E mailer, Info Graphics, T-Shirt Design

5) Job Placements : It's our free service for all aspiring candidates. We publish all the job requirements free of charge.

6) Online Art Selling : We sell modern art. Hand painting is done on canvas through acrylic.

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

New challenges in each project. Every project is unique by its own. So, you make new pipeline accordingly. Also, the field is always in a flux - rapidly changing with new technologies and execution methods. So, you always keep on learning with every new project.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

Quality of work, Budget and Timeline. I had already successfully completed so many projects. So, work speaks on my behalf. The client is assured of the quality. There is no 'one size fits all' solution. Based on project complexity and quality level, we mutually decide the budget and timeline.

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

Currently, we are working for the corporate client. The project is to make several e Learning Videos for SAP. We are provided with voice over recording and power point contents. These are very sophisticated videos but with fresh color schemes and background images/videos.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

1) Charge reasonable fees - Don't fool client by charging unfair amount. He/she will never come back. So, rather than profit believe in generating trust worthy relationships. 2) Commitment Value - Project must be finished with the expected quality and stipulated time frame. In case if something is going wrong always talk with client upfront rather than not receiving his calls or not replying online. 3) Honesty - If you cant do the project, irrelevant of any reason, just say 'No'. Don't take too much time for this decision.

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

The answers are mostly same for the question - 'What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?'

How are you different than others in your profession?

My company name is ''. We work virtually - on freelance basis. We invest more in out machines rather than buying physical office space. So, we always charge you the fair price of your project. It will not include office rent, electricity bill, maintenance and other expenses. We will provide professional quality output within your budget and timeline.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

1) First Things First - Stephen Covey 2) Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki 3) The Big Idea - Donny Deutsch 4) Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill 5) Ageless Body Timeless Mind - Deepak Chopra

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

I never let it happen. All the matters are on mail before I start the work. My all mails to the client are very much descriptive and bullet point wise. He/she gives me reply in the same manner. So, there is no unsaid things or loophole to take place. With the wip/finished work I also send a long detailed mail - so we both know exactly how we are progressing.


Business Development Head at NeonFX Studios

October 2013 - Present
I am the Business Development Head for India's leading CG & VFX Studio - NeonFX Studios. We had successfully established ourselves in two metro cities of India - Mumbai and Kolkata.

My vast exposure to Films, Television and Commercials over the years have been two fold - Artist and Management Level. This has facilitated me essential acquaintance of the complete VFX Pipeline.

Responsibilities :
• Execution of projects as per clients' budget, schedule and timeline
• Handling the technical specifications of the deliverables to meet requirements and expectations
• Looking new avenues for expanding and nurturing the business

CEO and Founder at

September 2013 - Present ( is catering its services to various fields of Media and Entertainment.

The major services are :
1) 2D and 3D Animation
2) VFX
3) Motion Graphics
4) Corporate Videos
5) Job Placements
6) Online Art Selling

Apart from these services, it also features all latest innovations, R&D reports, business activities and various industry updates.

LinkedIn Expert | Independent LinkedIn Trainer / Consultant / Influencer at LinkedIn

May 2012 - Present
In new age technologies, I have got knack of Social Media - LinkedIn and Facebook. I have been witnessing all the changes of LinkedIn very closely - from very cold corporate structure to current vibrant workflow.

LinkedIn is the 'Weapon X' for today's dynamic and constantly evolving world. As I always says : 'LinkedIn is the Genie for Abundance Success.'

I had helped so many professionals to achieve their goals via LinkedIn. I am more than happy for them. On the technical level, I am running my own group on LinkedIn - Eyeon Fusion VFX.

Senior Technical Trainer for VFX, HOD - Job Placement, HOD - Social Media of India and UAE at Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects Pvt Ltd

September 2008 - September 2013
Responsibilities :
• Training to students and aspiring trainers
• Various management and promotional activities to make Frameboxx viral online and offline
• Handling corporate clients
• Job Placement Pan India and International
• Social Media Management and Online Marketing

At the Technical front :
I am the Senior VFX Trainer. My role stretches from teaching Compositing software's to demo reel creation for the students. Also playing major participation in Faculty Training and Evaluation. Conducting Virtual Classes (Online Training) is an add-on. For affiliated corporate clients, I am providing Video Content Development, Corporate Presentations and Motion Graphics. Students trained under me are successfully placed at various respected studios all over India.

At the Human Resource front :
I am the HOD of Job Placement. I am handling Pan India and International operations. It includes interacting with various Studio HRs and all Center Heads of Frameboxx for the placements and organizing the database for single point access. I had placed a long list of artists in several industries ranging from CG, VFX, Graphics and Web. I am representing Frameboxx in various competitions across India.

At the Branding and Marketing front :
I am the HOD of Social Media on Facebook. I am successfully branding our all online marketing campaigns, solving on line queries, spreading latest updates via user engagement strategies. I create online competition (concept, promotion, scrutinizing of all entries to finale) and interacting to all Center Heads and students of our 50+ centers. To do so, I use SEO with evaluating Metrics and Insight tools.

Senior Compositor at Pixion

December 2007 - August 2008
Responsibilities :
• CG/Live action Compositing
• Rotoscoping
• Chroma Removal
• 2D and 3D Tracking
• Paint touch up
• Day to Night
• 2D Cinematic Creation

Movies : Soloman Kane, U, Me aur Hum; Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi, Happy Hamesha, SRK,
Mumbai Cutting, Karma (European Film Festival Movie)
CG/Live Action TV Series : Arjun - The Magician

Compositor, Team Leader at Maya Entertainment Limited

April 2006 - November 2007
Responsibilities :
• CG/Live Action Compositing
• Maintaining color consistency with look and feel of the project

1. Series : Tronji – CG/Live Action HDTV series of 30 episodes for BBC
2. Game Cinematics : Disney Princess, Soldier of Fortune Payback (Activision, UK)
3. Commercials : Coke, Shark tooth
4. Music Videos : Boom Di (Activision, UK), VH1, MTV
5. Movie : Tommy & Oscar – CG DVD movie, Rainbow Pvt. Ltd., UK

Test Projects : Hell boy, Barn Yard, Winx, Big Foot, Oodmoor, Tak

You Tube Links :
1. Soldier of Fortune Payback -
2. Boom Di -
3. Tommy & Oscar –

Corporate VFX Trainer at Independent Professional Freelancer

November 2005 - March 2006
1) Corporate Training of 'Autodesk Combustion 4' and 'Adobe After Effects 6.5' for faculties of Arena Multimedia, Aptech at following centers :
Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi

2) Shake Orientation Training' for various faculties of MAAC, Mumbai

3) 'Advance Fusion Training' for various faculties of MIDDS, Mumbai

Editor, Compositor, Packaging artist at Newsmaker Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

January 2005 - October 2005
Responsibilities :
Editing as per the client requirement, Title Animations, Packaging, Creating fillers for visual effects

Various edits for Sanskar and E TV channels in which major are :
1. Dhirubhai Ambani Bhagvad Samarambh
2. Pragynachakshu Hospital
3. Bharati Bapu Satsang
4. Shree Krishna Janmotsav
5. Brahmakumaris Rajyog Shibir



Degree: BCA

Gujarat University

Degree: B. Com.


Chief Judge for the Animation and Short Movies Competition at 'Art Beat Fest 2013'

Issuer: Viva Group (
Date: Dec 22, 2013
I was honoured as the Chief Judge at Art Beat Fest 2013, Mumbai. I evaluated all the entries of Animation and Short Movies category. The Winner was finalized on various parameters of concept, execution, asthetical and technical details.



Proficiency: Native or Bilingual Proficiency


Proficiency: Full Professional Proficiency


My VFX short movie's Case Study with my Interview on the Official Website of Eyeon Fusion

Publication: Eyeon Fusion (The leading software for Visual Effects and Digital Compositing)
Date: Dec 15, 2010
Check out the VFX short movie and making of videos at : The case study with my interview is available at : 'Devil's Playground - Teaser' is the VFX short movie directed by myself and Shreeraj Nair. I was involved from scratch to finish in all areas of Concept, Direction, Live Action Shoot, Costumes, Green Screens, CG Elements, 3D Tracking, Original Sound Track, Editing and tons of Compositing.


Contact Information

Mumbai India
Phone: +919987502251

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