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I have two key practice areas. First, I do contingency staffing services. Helping clients get access to inactive and passive job seekers with highly specialized backgrounds. The second is consulting with business owners and leaders on their own internal strategic staffing and talent programs.

Talent is a critical element to any successful business and you are always competing for top talent. Recruiting for your company should be treated as a sales and business development effort. It is, essentially, a kind of consultative selling between hiring manager and candidate. Too often companies treat staffing as an administrative function, like benefits management and the success of their recruiting efforts reflect that.

Companies can set up their own internal staffing programs but it takes totally different approaches, tools, people and processes and I help with that.

Business Description

A recruiting, placement and advisory agency. We advise people on all aspects of their career transition. We also help businesses find and attract the best talent to become apart of their team.

My Skills



Recruiting Director at Recruiting

January 2012 - Present
We are a firm designed to assist the active job seeker with every aspect of their career transition. We specialize in meeting the needs of experienced professionals in transition by delivering a suite of tools and services that will allow you to:

1) Consistently and effectively find current opportunities.
2) Design online resumes targeted for each job you apply to.
3) Employ LinkedIn strategies to get your resume to the top of the pile on the hiring manager’s desk
4) Ace interviews by dramatically changing what you say about yourself in each interview.
5) Re-assess your retirement accounts with a personal meeting with our local financial professional.
6) Dramatically increase the number of live conversations you have with hiring managers, which in turn will substantially increase the number of interviews you go on.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way our clients handle their career search. By addressing the mistakes millions of job seekers make daily, providing them with the necessary tools, and teaching them what it really takes to be productive in their search, we aim to open people’s eyes to a way of job searching that has been proven effective by the thousands of people we have helped so far.

We have partnered with a network of over 200 recruiting firms located throughout the US, representing multiple industries and multiple professions. It is our goal through our outplacement tools and process, to make our candidates a “must speak to” candidate for as many open positions as possible, maximizing your ability to obtain new employment

We are constantly evolving, so when you enlist our help you can be sure that our methods are up to date with current trends. When developing our services we made sure that we could accommodate growth and handle large groups of people. Utilizing our aggressive career placement services, and unique business model, companies receive our complete services for free.


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Minneapolis, MN

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