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I've always been family oriented and sensitive to all species! Writing is my gift & pet care has allowed me to pursue my other passions. I quickly bond with any of the dogs I care for and consider them my extended family! My precious dog, "Cuddles" of 15 years passed away over a year ago (2016) so this seemed like the best thing for me to do. It's been good for my heart. Dogs have always been a big part of my life! They love me because I shower them with so much attention.

When my dog was just a pup, my mother crocheted her a dog scarf and various sweaters. She was always a huge source of inspiration to me. In her honor, I started a pet boutique online with colorful handmade crochet sweaters for pets which can be viewed at! Let me know what you think...thank you for reading about me.

Business Description

Housesitter, Pet Care, Pet Sitter, Pet Nanny Angie

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P.O. Box 2721
Kirkland, WA
Phone: 2067556315

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