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I have been a practising consultant for over 20 years. I was so appalled by my early training, and even that on my MSc, that I began to develop my own research, approaches and techniques for using consultancy skills to build my own business.

Today, in addition to successfully running my own consulting business for the last 15 years, I continue to develop successful consulting approaches with my business partner Trevor Hills.

Business Description

In our experience many small and independent business owners are experts in their own field, but lack the necessary skills to attract, work with, and retain, the right sort of clients.

Put simply, technical expertise is not enough to produce a sustainable, successful, long term enterprise.

The temptation is to focus on technical speciality, not solving problems; and to sell, not consult. The result is either giving too much away for free, constantly chasing leads without conversion to clients, or missing opportunities to fully develop the range of opportunities with a client.

We have delivered our coaching and training in house to SME businesses, as one-to-one coaching, or you can join one of our open programmes.

We focus on providing you with the skills to successfully promote and deliver your expertise to clients, through a range of consulting techniques, personal strategies, and business approaches.

Consulting in Practice is the result of over 20 years of practice, research and application, providing you with the skills to grow your business.

The result is consulting skills training and coaching aimed at SME and independent entrepreneurial businesses - with techniques also applicable to the larger consulting organisations. More than just consulting skills, we also focus on how you can turn your expertise into marketable products that clients will want to buy, how to read and manage clients, how you can stay focused, hungry and energised to keep growing, and how you can continue to grow your business with new ideas and extended offerings to clients.

To find out more about how you can increase your skills and develop your business, please see our website. You will also find some free downloads to help you get started.

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Guildford United Kingdom
Phone: 01483 201050

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