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I am a Communications Consultant and Project Manager with experience working in the political arena, the non-profit sector, small businesses, authors, and media personalities.My work experience has given me extensive knowledge on writing correspondence from speeches to grants to ghostwriting, social media media management, research, branding and marketing, and developing pitches for companies. I am deeply passionate about work involving any and all aspects of the communications fields, especially pertaining to anyone with a specific goal or vision that just wants some collaboration.
I am a hard and loyal worker, with the ability to juggle multiple demands in high paced environments. I just finished a seven month assignment as a Campaign Manager for an unknown MD Senate candidate in a tough race. After many sleepless nights, hardly a day off, and a small staff and even smaller funding, the race was won! I am now currently launching my own LLC as opposed to just being a freelancer to gain more experience in many fields, and to help clients achieve their goals through communication tools. I am currently in school, as well, to earn my PhD in Communications.
I have worked with groups, individually on projects, as a supervisor, and I am able to complete jobs quickly and efficiently in any type of setting. I love new challenges and tasks that seem impossible at first because that's where the best ideas and visions come from, and those are the projects I find myself the most proud of.

Business Description

I offer a wide variety of communication and marketing services tailored to small businesses, corporations, start-ups, authors to everyday individuals such as:
-Business Development
-Social Media and Website Management
-Creative and Content writing
-General Publicity

And more!

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

I love the variety in my day. One part of my day may be updating social networking sites for clients, another part may be writing a company newsletter, and another part may be researching resources for a client. But, by far, the greatest part of being involved in communications is that I can do what I love best- be creative. I do this the most by writing, it is something I am absolutely passionate about and love to do for my clients. I also feed my other love, reading, which I do on a daily basis with research I perform. There is nothing like being passionate about what one does.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

I get asked a lot how to organize materials. People don't know, or don't know where to start organizing words to put them down on paper. Some are always wondering if they should do an outline, or a guide with bullets so they can remember- which I highly suggest! If I am writing something for them, they ask what I need from them. And, my response is always as much as you can possibly give me. If its a biography piece I am writing, a list of fifteen things are perfect!

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

Building and designing a website that featured a clients brand and services. I worked to get her more noticed in her community and get more potential clients.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

Creativity, loyalty, and the ability to multitask.

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

Their personality. Even though someone is hiring me to market a business, research information, or ghostwrite for them, I am still working with them as a team. I have certain tasks I have to do, but there is engagement with one another. They have to like who I am, be able to put up with my sarcasm, say, or expecting deadlines to be met. Their price. You get what you pay for is what they say. You don't want someone who is too low priced, or they won't put that much effort into anything. But, you don't want someone so outrageously priced to manage social networking sites and post a few blogs. Its not worth it then. Your budget is a big deal, and you need someone who fits into that category. Their passion: Do they love what they do? Are they enthusiastic to the point that it shows? Do they care how a product, or project is going to turn out given the time they invested? Without seeing the passion, or the fiery flare for the gifts, however few that may be that a person can offer, a customer can't expect the absolute best work to come from a consultant. They can be dedicated, but passion plays a huge role in how a task is going to unfold, or turn out.

How are you different than others in your profession?

I will try any task. I love any and all aspects of the communications field: writing, editing, research, marketing, PR, you name it! If I have never done it, I am willing to give it a try, and I spend a lot of time researching how others do it, what are the best ways to get a project done, etc. But I'm honest. If I think I do not have the skill set, I am up front about it and will use what connections I have to help someone find the right person to properly assist them with a project.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Hmm....this could be a book! A turning point in my life came in high school when I secretly found a Christmas present and read the whole thing in one night. I quickly put it back in its hiding spot when I was done so it could be wrapped for Christmas. It was Mitch Albom's, Tuesday's with Morrie. I loved that book, and read it countless times, and listen to it on audio all the time. I have a BA in Sociology because I wanted to have a professor just like that. My wish came true, sort of. I went to community college first wanting to get into politics. After working three years on campaign fundraising, I grew tired of it. I transferred to a University and declared my major as Sociology. I had two of the greatest professors in the world. One was so difficult, and he critiqued everything! He was also very scary, it felt like death when you walked into his classroom on exam day. But, I took every class he taught. And he really gave me my love for reading, always lending me books, and having discussions on life (I was a devout Catholic, he was a devout atheist!). He is one of the biggest inspirations of my life. The other professor was completely the opposite, happy, cheerful, and always giving out compliments. He was a major influence in me gaining self confidence. I still keep in touch with them today, they not only made me a better student, but a better human being. Lastly, earning my BA in December of 2008 was the worst possible job searching scenario! So, I had to get creative, and I did, I started working on my own. It has built me a client base, some temporary, some that come back every now and then. I have met and worked with truly outstanding people, all who I in some way wish to emulate. And eventually, my working on my own convinced me to go to graduate school to develop a better understand of the foundations of communication.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

The customer is always right. That's what I say! But, after a few days have passed by, and if I have found even a smidgen of proof that my argument is valid, I will present it to them in a respectful way. And many times, they start to see my side of things. If I'm wrong, I take their word and keeping marching on.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

My proudest accomplishment is having collaborated on a book. You won't know I did it, wrote the thing, my name gets no credit, but I know. And when I walk into a bookstore and see it there, I get this amazing feeling. It's like finding the Holy Grail of your endeavors. And I like not being in the spotlight. Seeing a piece of my work on a bookshelf is simply the greatest accomplishment for me.


Owner/Communications Consultant at Catapulting Communications

July 2014 - Present
• Self-owned consulting business for a variety of clients, locally and nationwide engagement such as fundraisers and marketing efforts
• Work with clients on projects for short or long-term deadlines
• Offer, research, creative and content writing, ghostwriting, event and fundraising planning, social media management, marketing and branding, general publicity initiatives, to virtual assistant services.
• Provide consulting services in the communications field to authors, small businesses, corporations, non-profits, to political campaigns and associations

Campaign Manager at Citizens for Don Quinn

January 2014 - July 2014
• Lead Team member and strategy developer for MD District 30 Senate candidate, Donald Quinn
• Assisted in raising public profile for the first time political candidate via social media and community engagement such as fundraisers and marketing efforts
• Solicited donations, contacted potential donors, and planned campaign events
• Direct candidate on daily schedule, changes to schedule, prep him for meetings and campaign appearances
• Perform fundraising efforts and plan fundraising events to raise donor totals for the election cycle
• Recruited and trained new staff and volunteers

Content Writer at Indelible Ink

October 2013 - Present
Write content and create marketing tactics for a variety of clients nationwide. Work under the CEO to ensure companies are up-to-date with social media profiles, SEO optimization, and creating innovative marketing initiatives on behalf of the client.

Advisor/Web and Media Coordinator/Project Manager at Life Redecided

April 2013 - Present
Responsible for raising profile for the spiritual author and entrepreneur, Mark Mona, and his self-help and self-discovery website. Design and create workshops and seminar materials that outline the principles and message behind Life Redecided. Perform social media marketing tactics to create a larger following and outreach for speaking engagements. Collaborate, along with the author/founder, as a ghostwriter, to produce the book, Life Redecided.

Book Reviewer at

April 2013 - Present
Review already published and new book submissions for a nationally-recognized Mental Health Site. Offer my book review that is posted as a blog, and gives readers a critique on the latest books the discuss relationships, family, mental illness, struggles, etc. and compile the review for readers to get a better understanding of the synopsis and if the book would be worth reading for their particular interest, or for a present/past concern.

Researcher, Writer, and Social Media Marketing Contributor at RBC Communications

March 2013 - August 2013
Research and perform media outreach through social media sites, e-mail marketing. Assist in finding target audiences and groups to market products, businesses, authors, and media personalities. Create promotional plans that include writing blogs, launching and updating websites, and customize publications.

Ghostwriter at Freelance Author, Writer and Blogger

December 2012 - March 2013
Writer for an autobiography on an inspirational story for anonymous author. Take notes and other tidbits of autobiographical facts, as well as research information on transformational medical event and compile it into book/story form for approval of the storyteller.

Sales Associate at The Port Candle

August 2012 - August 2013
• Deliver customer service with floor sales and assist customers with purchases
• Record and keep track on inventory using Quick Books
• Ensure overall upkeep of boutique by stocking shelves, unpacking orders, pricing items, cleaning, etc.
• Market latest products on Social Media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
• Web Moderator for Store Website-post new items for online store, and fulfill online orders as they come in

Researcher at Keith Ablow, MD

March 2012 - May 2013
Responsible for finding various data, research materials, and other relevant information for an upcoming project. Compile and organize information for the Best Selling Author on assigned topics and give synopsis in report form.

Freelance Marketing Coordinator at Paul Panella Industries, LLC

December 2011 - Present
Responsible for taking and keeping track of orders and payments. Create and managed website, as well as marketed small business owned product by marketing to nationwide customers through social media and writing of company newsletters.


Southern New Hampshire University

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Field of Study: Communication and Media Studies

Salisbury University

Degree: BA
Field of Study: Sociology

Anne Arundel Community

Degree: AA
Field of Study: General Studies


Grant Writing Certification

Authority: Universal Class, Inc.

Certified Medication Technition

Authority: Maryland Board of Nursing
Start Date: Oct 01, 2010


Who Will Lead Us Out Of Ferguson?

Publication: The Capital Gazette
Date: Aug 28, 2014


Contact Information

Newburyport, MA
Phone: 410-829-0845

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