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As an COach and Consultant since 2002I am an expert in management, leadership, technology, strategy and business model design. AirTight Management is a leader in SMB growth and installing Management systems using a combination of IP, training, coaching and consulting to help get companies unstuck and grow more rapidly, or break through barriers.

I created the first standard for internal management systems at small to medium size businesses (SMBs) see:

I am also an author on entrepreneurship and growing companies rapidly by shifting gears in "management modes" and styles as a company grows. Participated in launching over 100 products, 8 startups and worked at two multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

As a former CTO and VP of Engineering I have in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of IT/software, architecture, information systems, databases and services.

AirTight Management is the first holistic system for a complete operating system for an organization from top to bottom in all departments. Ideally the 6 modules below should all be installed between 7 and about 50 to 100 employees but each system can stand alone and address critical needs. High growth and performance requires structure we we can install that framework and make your team world-class in the process. AirTight includes these 6 Systems:
1. Strategic Planning
2. Performance, Accountability and Merit System (PAMS) - Best Practices in management and leadership
3. Dashboards and Metrics - Enable running the business by the numbers
4. Strategic Budgeting - Opportunity and innovation driven budgeting, not just cost accounting
5. Process Management
6. Human Capital Acquisition and Development (HCAD)

Implementation of each System can take from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on many factors. Call to discuss your challenges. Call: (619) SCALE06.

Business Description

We Solve Any Business Problem!
Free Diagnosis Session With Expert Consultant

We are experts at finding the root causes of business problems and installing solutions that stick. Often symptoms are two or more levels away from those problems and it is difficult to understand the root cause. For example flat or declining sales can be a function of the product, pricing, positioning, target market, sales process, hiring or literally fifty other things. Most every problem traces back to a missing Management System, policy or procedure. The problem you see is just a long-term effect, or symptom, of that missing piece.

AirTight Management plugs the holes and creates market leading companies and high-performance teams by applying decades of Management Science and best practices. Usually we can diagnose your problem and provide a prescription to permanently solve that problem in just a couple of days working over the phone.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

Constant challenges that can be solved with fundamental philosophies and solutions.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

How does AirTight Management work? It is a holistic framework or "operating system" using a collection of the best practices and management science developed over the last 75 years that are timeless. We combine the right recipe, which is custom for every client, of training, coaching and consulting to drive permanent change that makes the culture perform better and more fun to work in too. Retention of the best employees goes up, as does the ability to attract the best people. AirTight links long-term strategy with daily and weekly operations s everyone is working together with shared goals and values. It helps managers work "on" not just "in" the business to drive constant organizational and process improvement.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

1. Experience in business, both running and consulting 2. Excellent analytic skills 3. Ability to "sell" the solution internally so that all employees cooperate and adapt during implementation - most failure happens due to employee resistance. That never happens to use due to our combination of training, coaching and consulting to bring all key employees along.

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

1. Experience operating companies, not just consulting or coaching. 2. Ability to diagnose the issues (not symptoms of issues) deeply in the organization 3. A strong business background, not a software (IT) focus. Performance comes from people, culture, best practices and conventions, not software. 4. Ability to combine training, consulting and coaching because any one usually fails to get results that stick. 5. Leverage by them having intellectual property for training and process so they do not have to create everything custom for each client, but just customize from a library of tools.

How are you different than others in your profession?

1. AirTight is the first comprehensive set of Management Systems. Most companies provide one of our Six Systems. A couple provide two. The benefit of this is the ability to add over time as needed and have compatible Systems that are designed to work together.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Having read over 1,000 books on business, management and leadership that is a tough question but here is our list of recommended reading:

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

That almost never happens but likely by education. The client is the final decider of things.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

Creation of AirTight Management to push the state-of-the-art of Management Science.


President & CEO, CEO Coach, Author, Speaker at C-Level Enterprises, Inc. and AirTight Management

February 2002 - Present
Founder of a consulting, training and coaching company for emerging growth companies, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and CEOs need a mix of training, coaching and consulting from "Been The. Done That." people with 30+ years experience to succeed. I work closely with CEOs on their strategy, staff selection and development, processes, systems and metrics to expand their business and become world-class CEOs. I teach and coach best practices in leadership and management to CEOs and their management teams.

AirTight Management is the first ever proposed standard for the internal management systems of SMBs. When a company reaches 7 employees it needs to begin adding structure, process, metrics and leverage 50 years of management science, not reinvent the wheel. We can "drop in" these six modules at the appropriate time to accelerate and smooth growth to avoid constant firefighting and stress. Stretching the capabilities of your team and avoiding hidden traps of growth. If you feel you business is out of control and you are overwhelmed you need proven systems to Take Control of Your Business.

CEO at Blue Ripple and NewCoGen/Flagship

January 2001 - January 2002
Enterprise and SaaS Software company with a powerful, high-end automatic data collection and distribution systems for large companies like Fidelity Investments, manufacturers and information publishers. Essentially a secure, configurable digital Federal Express to package and ship data on any schedule. Restarted venture backed firm without leadership or market focus which had burnt $5 million in development but not identified its market yet. Positioned company to raise capital when 9/11 happened and closed the VC money flow to early-stage companies. As a result helped to position and sell the IP to recover VC firm's investment.

President & CEO at A+America and

January 1995 - May 2000
Startup restart, recap and renegotiated debt. Raised angel funding and expanded program to about 20,000 school. Built profitable Internet web site marketing an online mall through PTO/PTA organizations to share revenue.
Loyalty marketing program to raise funds for K-12 schools from retailers and online retailers. Company was sold and merged with who had spent about 10 times the money to reach an equal number of schools in its membership.

Founder and President at HomeView Realty Search Centers

September 1989 - August 1994
Founder of first high quality virtual home touring system using high-res touch screens. Opened 3 offices where buyers could come and see 100 homes meeting their exact criteria in an hour. This was so ground-breaking it changed the industry and I still do consulting and intellectual property work today because of its prior art. It increased sales productivity over industry average > 600%. Penetrated about 85% of broker market and listings in Massachusetts within 18 months of launch generating an annual revenue rate of $156 million in sales. Sold to franchiser, who changed the already proven strategy and failed due to lack of understanding of the markets competitive dynamic.

Vice President of R & D and Chief Technical Officer at FIRST CALL Corporation

September 1984 - August 1989
Responsible for all technical development of five product lines in 5 years including all FIRST Call products like Real-Time Earnings Estimates, Morning Meeting Notes analyst research distribution network, Fundamentals and related products. Created a proprietary, real-time market leading, fault-tolerant, world-wide data delivery system before the Internet made this possible. FIRST CALL was a dominate product line for two decades after launch in the U.S. Europe and the Far East markets. It used PC to replace mini-computers far in advance of this trend to create competitive advantage and penetrate smaller markets.Developed new generation products for InvestText, Autex Block Trading and American Banking Bond Buyer equity and fixed income trading and information systems, Created Portia Portfolio Management System.

VIce President of Engineering, Chief Technical Officer at Thomson Financial

September 1984 - August 1989
In charge of product development and skunkworks to create a new product/division each year. Designed, implemented and launched five product divisions and brought in General Managers to take over operations and move to new products after launch. Sold to International Thomson Organization (Public, Toronto) in 1986 and stayed 3 years under management earnout contract. Grew Thomson Financial Services (Now Thomson-Reuters) to over $100 million in revenue in 5th year with 26% pre-tax profit margins on technical leadership and product strategy strengths. Developed 5 separate product divisions in as many years. All became $20 million or larger businesses with strong or dominate (2) market share. Unique expertise and creativity in product design and development and I can improve almost any business, product or biz model for stronger sustainable competitive advantage due to this talent and over 25 years experience.


AirTight Management

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Field of Study: Performance Management Systems for Business

The CEO Boot Camp - Creator

Degree: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Field of Study: Advanced Entrepreneurship, Management & Leadership

Boston University

Degree: Bachelor's degree
Field of Study: Dual Degree Program Computer Science and Business

Boston College High

Degree: High School
Field of Study: Prep School


Racing Sailor

Authority: J-World Racing School

Licensed Yacht Captain

Authority: Steve Colgate Sailing

Licensed Pilot

Authority: Federal Aviation Administration


Dozens of other published articles and 4 books

Date: Dec 15, 2017

How to Grow a Company to $100 Million in Sales

Date: Dec 15, 2017

Leadership in Small Companies

Date: Dec 15, 2017

Building Long-term Equity in a Business

Date: Dec 15, 2017

The 5 Styles of Management Every Manager Should Know and Use

Date: Dec 15, 2017

The 11 Elements of a Successful VIsion

Date: Dec 15, 2017


Contact Information

Brookfield, MA
Phone: 508-381-8013

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