My Recommendations:

I first started working with Brian about 16 years ago. I have gone to him several times for business consulting and ideas. He is a extremely knowledgeable and everything he does is put together well and with integrity.

Brian was key member of Children's Miracle Network Hospital's leadership team, working as their Chief Business Development Officer, when I first met him in 2009.

Brian was instrumental in helping the Christmas Bowl establish its alliance with CMNH, designating the organization as the exclusive charity of the new bowl game. I quickly noticed Brian's many talents early in our relationship and decided soon after to offer him a board seat on the Christmas Bowl. His dedication to both CMNH and our new bowl initiative has been extremely helpful in developing our product to where it is today -- the most benevolent college bowl initiative in the NCAA's postseason.

Brian is a great leader, teacher, writer, speaker, father and competitor in life. I've learned quite a bit from him and I'm thankful for the experience.

Brian is the ideal coach for entrepreneurs. He knows what it takes to create a successful business and how to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

In all the time I have known Brian I have found him to be an extremely driven individual. Not only was Brian great to work with, but he always accomplished everything he set out for as well as motivated all those around him to attain the same goals. Most importantly, I knew that I could always trust Brian at his word in all that occurred.

I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Brian and found his work ethic and his level of effort to be amazing. Brian was always looking for the win-win in every situation. Brian's leadership skills are solid, his sales ability is strong and his entrepreneurial instincts are amazing. I have used what I learned from working with Brian to help me succeed in my own leadership positions and recommend him to anyone looking for a solid performer to help them with their planning and training.

Business people come to two flavors, by and large. There’s the doers who couldn’t explain what they do and the explainers who couldn’t do what they explain.

The shelves at your local bookstore fairly groan with tomes that are either badly written or lack a practitioner’s true insight.

Now meet Brian Hazelgren, the rarest sort of entrepreneur and businessperson with an incredible string of successes in the worlds of business and nonprofits and who can both ‘do’ and ‘say.’ His ideas are penetrating and original and they’re delivered by a man with the soul of a poet.

Do yourself a favor and seek Brian out!

I have worked with many big named business coaches and authors. Brian Hazelgren stands out amongst them all. His knowledge and integrity is what makes him different. He is very knowledgeable and understands small business like none other. He can be a great asset to any business trying to grow in this type of economy.

While Brian was a senior officer at the national office of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH), he and I worked together on several sponsor opportunities. I am employed at our local children's hospital which is a member of CMNH. Brian is motivated by his passion and desire to help others succeed.

It has been a great pleasure and a wonderful experience working with Brian. He is a valuable asset in whatever project that he is involved.

Brian Hafen

Brian's expertise has been a guiding light throughout many of my business experiences. To this day, I re-read his books and draw upon his expertise on a regular basis. In fact, as my experience grows, I am able to make sense of his deeper principles. In other words; he has provided perpetual value.

I would recommend Brian for just about anything. There are a few qualities you look for and if someone has those qualities you want to work for them or with them in anything else you do. He is a hard work, but also a smart worker. He is honest and forthright. I trust his recommendations and opinions. I want to work with him again, and that is the best recommendation anyone can give.

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