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Carrie Dunham works to develop chic yet functional cases for your laptops and other electronic accessories. Carrie Dunham designs are created with a fresh, original approach to classic styles.

The vision for Carrie Dunham began a few years ago when identical twins, Carrie Elizabeth and Tracy Dunham Hubbell, returned to graduate school. Carrie, in business school, struggled to find a fashionable bag to use for her new laptop. She sacrificed fashion for function and sported an unattractive backpack that clashed with everything she wore. Meanwhile, twin sister Tracy, with the same problem at law school, opted for a fashionable tote. Fashion, however, trumped function, and her shiny new laptop became scratched and dented. Clearly, the world was in need of laptop bags geared towards both fashion and function.

The fact that Carrie was unable to find the bag that she wanted was a familiar problem. Often times, Carrie’s visions fell short of what was available to her in the marketplace. She’s frequently a frustrated shopper, mentally picturing the perfect dress or bag but unable to find anything even close in stores. Carrie spent two years in business school not only learning how to run a business, but also taking a number of fashion and design courses. After graduation, she decided to leave her comfortable place in finance and put her new business and fashion skills to the test to produce what she envisioned.


Contact Information

New York, NY
Phone: 646.263.3768

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