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With experience in Telecommunications, Technology, Publishing, Non Profits, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Education, I have held roles as an FTE and a contractor/consultant. With 25 years experience in Marketing, half of that time frame was B to C, and approximately half in B to B.

The first 10 years of my career were focused in the tools of the time: direct mail, telemarketing (IB, OB), vendor management, campaign execution, webinars, live seminars, trade show events, television, and radio. The last 10 years have been focused on branding, website development, social engagement, SEO, SEM, project management, and public relations.

I have managed teams up to 15 and had budget responsibility up to $13mm. I am a Marketing Project Manager who enjoys the craft and continually strives to learn about new marketing techniques, technologies, and purchasing behavior.

Specific Areas of Expertise:

Press Relations
Business process improvement
Marketing operations
Customer touchpoint analysis
Identity Development
Sales Support
Web Development
Compliance, regulatory
Website development, SEO
Event management
Communications strategies
Social Media management

Business Description

Consulting to small and mid sized companies to help them define their market value, present themselves uniquely and professionally and counsel them in acquisition campaigns and all sales support.

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

I love that Marketing is a science and an art. Marketing and the human condition is fascinating. How cultures and generations evolve and change and cohabitate with technology is an ever-changing study. I study human behavior and what drives them to make decisions. I love technology and i love studying how people absorb, reject, and act on information. With strong instincts and intense skills of empathy and common sense, I utilize my senses to understand my audience. I study the competition, and I quickly find out how to differentiate a product or service. I then develop compelling and beautiful materials to help a company communicate their unique value. It is a challenge and a joy and i wouldn't choose to do anything else but Marketing.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

How do i grow my business without any money? I encourage them to make money any way they can, within legal limits, and then save that money to develop their brand and do what is important for their launch. Using a personal analogy, if you needed surgery and you didn't have the money, you would postpone your surgery, and work to save the money. When you had the money saved, you would book the surgery and use every source at your disposal to partner and find the best doctor to do the surgery. You would organize friends and family to help you in your recovery. You wouldn't try to do the surgery yourself? You wouldn't sign up for the surgery and not pay your doctor bill? You wouldn't ask the surgeon to do it for nothing? Professionals in every career have worked hard to obtain their knowledge and deserve to be paid. Nothing is free in life. Respect the talent, save your money, and pay what they deserve.

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

The owner of an Online University hired me to publicize his offering to bloggers and the press. We developed an integrated approach to utilize email, Linkedin ads, Linkedin posts, blogger outreach, and press releases. This coordinated effort defined by SEO key terms that work for this specific audience will result in several press pieces and a large attendance in an online bootcamp. Only a few attendees will pay for the entire campaign. It is a cost effective plan that will launch in 30 days and drive clients and publicity. I will build a content calendar, reach out to bloggers and journalists, propagate content on mulitple social platforms with a distinctive offer, and launch multiple press releases tracking performance via landing pages.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

Creativity Project Management Scoping projects accurately (defining work agreements)

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

Clearly define your goals. Understanding their strengths and asking for their honest input. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to do this job. It is about finding a personality match, a working style match, and partnering with a person you respect and will listen to.

How are you different than others in your profession?

I am very authentic and genuine. I will always be direct and honest, and I will always put your company's interest above my own.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Seth Godin, Peppers and Rogers, Marketing Sherpa, Addy Awards, Webby Awards, Malcom Gladwell

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

I have a direct conversation and review the agreed upon objectives, tactics, and expected outcomes. I honestly convey my perspective and ask them for theirs. I want personally to reach a compromise that allows us both to walk away content. If there are misunderstandings or expectations, then we need to talk about how to avoid it in the future. That said, if a client is rude or disrespectful and won't listen or share open and honestly then it is best to walk away.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

I created an agency that has been successful for 13 years. This agency not only provided an income for my family, but enriched my life, helped me grow as an individual and a professional and allowed me to help staff grow in their skills and support their families.

What kind of client do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy realistic business owners who are intelligent and love what they do. Their passion is contagious and they want to spend their money wisely, but respect what they don't know. They are looking for a true partner in the sense that we are both invested in the working relationship and collaborate, make decisions together and constantly strive for improvement. They are willing to share everything they know about their business and want a long term partner to see their business to the next level. They pay on time, share their thoughts and don't take themselves too seriously.


Adjunct Professor, Marketing/Management at Strayer University

March 2014 - Present
Deliver educational curriculum to professionals earning undergraduate or graduate credits in Marketing and Management.

Business Project Manager- Contract engagement at ACP, a division of AAA

July 2012 - December 2012
Provide structure and guidance and project management best practices for product launch and distribution channel development.
-Oversee project plan for new battery product launch
-Marketing lead on national Integrated retention marketing campaign (segmentation, list select, offer creation, contact strategy, communication plan, copywriting DM, Email, Script enhancements).
-Working across many internal and external teams to build and deploy effective marketing initiatives.
-Developing marketing plan/strategic direction for new mobile app (research, positioning, value proposition, SWOT, Tools and Tactics, Timelines).

Consultant-Contract engagement at Charles Schwab

March 2012 - April 2012
Tasked to improve a department's workflow process, workload balancing, and systems to facilitate and report on their work.
-Extensive stakeholder interviews
-Thorough requirements collection and documentation
-Process mapping
-Work optimization flow and tool identification
-Outreach to IT to evaluate all possible tools to meet the needs of the group
-Socialized documented opportunities to create efficiencies and outlined proposed improvements to help team increase performance and value proposition as a service organization to a growing number of internal business clients.
Recommendation was adopted and continues to be optimized.

Senior Project Manager at iCrossing

September 2010 - November 2011
As a proactive Account Managment team lead, I facilitated client strategy and tactical campaigns utilizing digital channels such as:
- SEM, SEO, Content Development for multiple web properties, and Social Media
- Managed weekly meetings, the master project plan; including thousands of tasks, sub teams, reports, resource management, budgets, and weekly reporting for senior management.
-Managed process improvement for outsourcing evergreen and promotional display banner production, and managed ongoing production, testing, and delivery of over 100 banners in 12 months.
--Achieved 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction score
--Managed $6.8mm budget
--Managed virtual team of 16
--Tracked and responded to communications of 10-person client team
--Managed external partner relationships for FaceBook contests (Wildfire)
--Led legal and contract agreements required by external partnerships

Owner and Principal at Excel in Marketing

November 2001 - November 2010
Launched innovative business model to accomodate economic need for flexible workforce and affordable marketing agency services for small and mid-sized companies in the Bay Area.
- Fifteen person team that provided research, branding, strategic marketing services, tactical planning and execution for companies in need of experienced marketing insight and effective delivery.
-For larger organizations, I provided consulting expertise to companies in complex marketing operations, rebranding, project management and integrated marketing campaigns.
Clients include:
Schwab Bank
Wells Fargo
Kaiser Permanente
Blue Shield of California
Teuscher Chocolates
Goal Financial

Principal Owner at Excel in Marketing

November 2001 - Present
Marketing operations, business process improvement, brand development, content strategies, lead generation campaigns... All a part of an integrated strategy to help companies grow and achieve their goals.
With a strong understanding of the customer drivers and the competitive marketplace, Christine outlines a roadmap to achieve the agreed upon KPIs. Leveraging in depth training in project management and marketing technology, Christine meets with C level management and documents requirements to help identify the appropriate strategies and tactics given the organizations goals and budget.
A sampling of recent clients include:

- AAA, Arizona (Road Side Assistance, Auto Insurance)
- Conversion Marketing Experts
- Penny Pulz LPGA Top 10 golfer
- Practical Social Media University (Social Media Education)
- Anderson Direct Marketing (Direct Marketing Agency) for more information

Marketing Director at Pearson Publishing's Learning Network

March 2000 - November 2001
Designed marketing plan for an undeveloped product and tactfully integrated marketing operations with an acquired company that was the subject of an unwelcome takeover.
-Led company-wide initiatives such as agency selections and off-line direct marketing efforts.
-Measured efficacy of through registration, personalization and Visitor to Member to Purchasing metrics.
-Promoted to oversee three marketing professionals, a $9 million total Marketing budget and begin execution of integration plan.
-Managed $1 million of budget to develop two Internet-driven databases. Integrated seven databases from acquired company to centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package.
-Completed operational assessment of best CRM tool, created implementation plan and trained marketing teams in the use of the tool.

Marketing Opportunity Manager at Lucent Technologies

April 1999 - May 2000
Goal oriented Marketing Manager challenged with driving qualified leads of resellers to the sales team.
-Campaign development of targeted online, offline offers to promote VPN product suite.
-Budget responsibility
-Comprehensive response analysis roll-up on programs which included: online and in-person seminars, direct mail, email and data requirements.
-Increased leads through the development of educational webinars and large trade shows.
-Supervised creative agency and production of direct mail, email and data append partners.

Marketing Specialist at InsMark, Inc.

February 1997 - March 1998
Marketing lead responsible for lead generation activities to support eight person inside sales team.
-Led business process improvements; designed new workflows and a lead tracking methodology;resulting in the increase of qualified leads.
-Constructed all email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and outbound scripts for lead generation activities.
-Company-wide rebrand effort including CDRom, and printed materials, the logo and other design components that made up the new brand launch and guidelines.

Statewide Marketing Manager at TakeCare Health Plan

April 1994 - January 1997
-Designed and managed the production of hundreds of thousands of direct mail pieces to drive leads for 68-person sales force in eight regions.
-Managed inbound and outbound call centers (script writing, training, reporting) as well as DR TV agency to drive leads for educational seminars.
-Responsible for event management including logistics, timing, and communication for sales teams to educate on Medicare Risk product.
-Worked with IT to develop a closed loop sales system to review ROI for all marketing channels.
-Responsible for extracting reporting, recommending improvements, and communicating key findings to senior management teams in Sales and Lines of Business.
-Led all direct marketing efforts and merger marketing operations; collaborated with executives from operations, marketing, sales and IT to outline requirements, business practices and customer migration teams, and seamlessly transitioned without business interruption or negative customer impact.


Golden Gate University

Degree: MBA
Field of Study: Marketing

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Degree: B.S.
Field of Study: Journalism, Minor in Public Relations


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