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I was the previous COO of Accenture South Africa with 28 years experience having played numerous leadership roles including Managing Director of Accenture's Technology business. I am currently involved in the mentoring and coaching of many entrepreneurial businesses as well as a Non Executive Director of Grovest, a Venture Capital Company.
Throughout my Accenture and subsequent entrepreneurial career, I have modeled and studied hundreds of successful businesses, both corporate and entrepreneurial, to understand and learn the skills and tools that differentiates successful people and businesses from the rest. I have learnt, from these interactions some of the best marketing, sales, communication, leadership, teaming, operations and other growth initiatives, that made these companies successful. I have also had the privilege of being exposed to some of the best entrepreneurs and teachers across the globe. From these learnings, I recognized that success leaves clues and the importance of leveraging these successes to help businesses do real transformation and achieve a step change improvement in their businesses performance. I am currently applying these principle and learnings to many entrepreneurial business, incubators, accelerators and educational institutions across South Africa.
In addition to the above, I am also currently supporting and coaching/mentoring many start-ups, small and medium size entrepreneurial businesses to help them prepare for an eventual exit. This process helps these entrepreneurs with the business development activities growing them from a small, often not profitable enterprise, to a sustainable profitable business with the required systems and processes for finance, marketing, sales, operations, etc. Finally, I assist these businesses with the execution of their exit strategy.

Business Description

Grovest is a venture capital company with a focus on disruptive technologies for small and medium size enterprises

My Skills



Non Executive Director at Grovest

January 2014 - Present
Grovest is a venture capital company with an experienced management team with over 100 years experience in investing and managing listed and unlisted companies. Grovest is experiencing significant deal flow with exciting investment opportunities being presented on an ongoing basis. Grovest is making equity investments in high growth small and medium sized companies, Besides highly scaleable/high growth companies, Grovest invests in companies that exhibit, disruptive business models, defensible market positions and highly motivated and experienced management teams. Grovest is South Africa’s first Venture Capital Company (VCC) incorporated under Section 12J of the Income Tax Act. An Investment in Grovest affords investors direct exposure to the rapidly developing VC sector in South Africa, whilst enabling them to write off up to 100% of their investment capital against their taxable income in the year in which the investment is made.

Leadership training on the how to run a High Performance Company at Various organizations

January 2013 - Present
I am currently running leadership training for numerous companies, schools and universities to increase participants awareness of the leadership traits, skills and disciplines to lead a high performance company. The material includes the lessons I have learnt from both success and failure from my numerous leadership roles within Accenture as well as the many companies that I consulted to during my 28 year tenure at Accenture. The material includes: Why is Leadership Important; Challenges that Disturb Leaders most; Mind-set of High Performance
Leaders; Importance of Soft Skills in the leadership,team; Key Leadership Attributes; how to build a winning team; Winning the “War for Talent” and the importance of embracing the Change Agenda.

Entrepreneur support for start-ups and established businesses at Various organizations

January 2013 - Present
I am currently supporting numerous start ups, small and medium size entrepreneurial businesses to help drive business mastery in areas from strategic innovation of their products and/or services, world class strategic marketing, sales training, systems and processes, optimizing and maximizing people and processes and many more business aspects.

Entrepreneurial Coaching and Training at Various organisations

January 2012 - Present
I am currently assisting many entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and educational institutions in better understanding the "Road map to High Performance Entrepreneurship". The talk helps to demystify entrepreneurship and covers many of the lessons I have learnt from both success and failure from working in numerous start up and established entrepreneurial businesses. The topics I cover include the following: the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, why so many entrepreneurial businesses fail, key lessons from my entrepreneurial journey, effective execution of an entrepreneurial business, how to survive a start up, starting an ecommerce business, technology start ups - the road map to success, tips for better business development in an entrepreneurial business, bootstrapping your business without raising investor capital, the do's and don'ts of the investor pitch. what you need to know about social marketing in an entrepreneurial business and many more.

Accenture COO at Accenture

January 2006 - December 2012
From 2006 until 2012 I was the COO of Accenture South Africa and during the this period consulted to many blue chip companies on numerous aspects including Organizational Strategy, IT strategy and IT and business transformation.

Managing director technology at Accenture Technology Solutions

January 2001 - December 2005
Managing Director of Accenture's Technology business

senior executive at Accenture (1998-2011)

January 1985 - December 2012
Senior executive


University of the Witwatersrand

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Field of Study: Computer Science and Mathematics



Contact Information

Johannesburg South Africa

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