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I help organizations listen better to their stakeholders -- employees, customers, members or other stakeholders. "Listening better" means conducting valid actionable research for decision making. While my deep expertise lies in survey programs, the research approach selected should be appropriate for the objectives.

Through my Survey Workshop Series -- a unique product offering -- and targeted Survey Mentor consulting, I help clients do surveys themselves, but do it right. So many survey programs don't deliver to their full potential due to weak surveying practices. Improving those programs is my company's mission.

I also assist companies in lowering customers' Total Cost of Ownership by enhancing product design process to achieve greater product supportability. Our particular deep expertise lies in customer service and technical support service areas.

As an adjunct professor of Operations Management in Boston area MBA programs, I teach process design (aka, "journey mapping,") process analysis, new product development, quality management systems, and service management.

My professional career started as a business systems consultant for Digital Equipment developing management reporting systems for all levels of management. The lessons learned from performance metrics systems are still so applicable today. Misuse of performance metrics will compromise their use for operational improvement as people game the system.

Business Description

We help clients listen better to their stakeholders through survey research, either helping clients do a better job with their current survey feedback programs through training and mentoring services or by conducting research programs for our clients.

My Skills



Adjunct Professor at Babson College

January 2006 - Present
Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at Boston area schools. My curriculum has a heavy focus on lean six sigma methods for operational improvement along with a focus on service operations management.

Have also taught at the Harvard University Certificate in Management program, Hult Business School, Boston College, Boston University, and Bryant College.

Co-Founder at First Wednesday Group

January 2006 - Present
The First Wednesday Group produces meetings for senior customer service and support managers in the Greater Boston area along with an annual Voice of the Customer Retreat where we discuss how to engage customers.

Founder -- Survey Designer, Survey Analyst, Survey Trainer at Great Brook

January 1991 - Present
Provide advisory services and products that help organizations collect and apply stakeholder feedback to improve organizational effectiveness. For example, customer feedback can improve a company's products and services. Specific areas of expertise include:

1) Survey Workshops: Our unique product is our Survey Workshop Series -- the only intensive class in the world on how to design and execute more effective survey programs. We conduct both public classes and private classes for organizations. Our material is based on our how-to book, "Customer Surveying" for which we have a second edition in process.

2) Customer Feedback Management: to complement our Survey Workshops, we conduct survey research, customer satisfaction survey programs, survey program audits, customer loyalty and service recovery programs.

3) Design for Supportability: Lowering customers' cost of product ownership by improving the supportability characteristics of products; Enhancing the strategic role of support service organizations within companies.

Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University

September 1987 - Present
Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at Northeastern University Executive MBA program. My curriculum has a heavy focus on lean six sigma methods for operational improvement along with a focus on service operations management.


Bowdoin College

Degree: BA
Field of Study: History & Economics

Boston University Graduate School of Management

Degree: MBA
Field of Study: Operations

Boston University Graduate School of Management

Degree: Doctorate in Business Administration
Field of Study: Operations Management


Customer Surveying: A Guidebook for Service Managers

Date: Dec 13, 2017
A how-to book for surveyors


Contact Information

Bolton, MA

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