About Me

Founder and owner of GNCORP.

I am an entrepreneur, innovator and a pioneer in the area of a business consulting specialist to people with disabilities-medical conditions, those disadvantaged and disenfranchised to become entrepreneurs.

I live by the "if it does not exist, create it" theory as to create something out of nothing and if you have ideas, to put it out there to see what it can attract and what you can create.

I truly believes that self employment is something for people with a disability-medical condition, those disadvantaged, disenfranchised and unemployed to seriously consider creating their own careers.

From all the experience, knowledge, skills obtained from my working and personal life experiences; I founded GNCORP to consult, inspire, encourage and motivate others to create their own business.

Business Description

GNCORP was founded in 2014 and is owned by George Naumovski. It is based in Bundoora, Victoria Australia. it can also provides its service worldwide through online communications.

GNCORP motto is "if it does not exist, create it. To create something out of nothing from the idea, ideas, skills, experiences, hobbies you have.

GNCORP is an innovating company with the pioneering concept of a specialist in business consulting, inspiring and encouraging people with disabilities-medical conditions, those who are disadvantaged, disenfranchised and unemployed to become entrepreneurs and start their own business.

To consult those who are completely doing it all on their own, either starting out or operating a business and those who want to start a business or become entrepreneurs that are disadvantaged, disenfranchised, have no help and support, are ignored because of their race, socioeconomic background, disability-medical problems and are unemployed by providing the service of a business consultant that actually has real life experiences and to get your "mind set" away from what you can't do to what you can do.

GNCORP innovates, creates, motivate, inspires and encourages anyone because everyone has ideas and abilities to do something and the potential to become a success in what they choose to do.

GNCORP can join or partner with individuals, groups, organisations and companies of any size, structure and industry.

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Melbourne Australia

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