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ICT Department Manager at Digital Media Center Srl (

I am an experienced instructional designer, educational technologist and e-Learning developer with over 15 years of experience and work through a variety of media within the graphic design and interactive design. I have taught students of all ages, from toddlers through college professors. This wide range of experience allows me to provide end-to-end eLearning and instructional design services as well as provide support during any stage of the development process.

I offer end-to-end instructional design and e-Learning services. I am comfortable with any level of project, including fully remote or face2face training. This experience also makes me an excellent team member for any eLearning project. I can easily step in to any phase of a needs assessment, design, development, implementation, or evaluation process.

With my education, I not only gained the ability to teach and design curricula for diverse students but also understand how to support teachers in implementing meaningful technology in their classrooms, use a multitude of programs that can be applied in education, and incorporate technology to help students learn. If you are looking for the most effective way to provide end-user training and support during a technology or program implementation I would love to tell you more about how my system can help this process.

Business Description

Responsibilities include teaching, management of all departmental activities, faculty assignments, faculty supervision, observe classes and evaluate faculty and support staff performance, curriculum development, schedule classes, budget preparation, interviewing, student advising.

My Skills



EIPASS ® | Trainer and Examiner at Digital Media Center Italia

September 2012 - Present
EIPASS Trainer cares of the organization and is in charge of holding the training courses aimed at the acquisition of EIPASS certifications. The EIPASS Examiner plays a central role in the organization of the Ei-Center: he/she provides transparency and regularity of the procedures, an orderly keeping of the registry exam and proper management of the DIDASKO platform.

EUCIP IT Administrator Fundamentals ® | Certification Manager at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2011 - Present
IT Administrator is a standalone certification programme that certifies practical and theoretical knowledge of computer technicians. The certification covers a wide range of Hardware, Software and Networks knowledge areas. The programme is aimed at small to medium-sized companies including educational institutes that require in-house expertise in IT and individuals who wish to broaden IT knowledge and be able to administer networks.

Web Editing 2.0 Certification ® | Trainer and Examiner at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2011 - Present
The Web Editing Certification Program was developed to allow candidates to understand the basic concepts of the web of HTML, web editing programs and provide them with the skills of web design to create, publish and maintain simple websites.

Image Editing 2.0 Certification ® | Trainer and Examiner at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2011 - Present
Digital Creator is a set of engaging qualifications that teach digital media skills through creative projects. They are designed for all types and ages of learners - in schools from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 and in all areas of adult learning. It is delivered through engaging units which use digital media such as, digital audio and podcasts, video, animation, DVD’s and interactive presentations and websites. Each qualification comes complete with all of the learning and teaching resources required.

ECDL Advanced Certification ® | Trainer and Examiner at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2011 - Present
ECDL / ICDL Advanced Programmes are high-level certification programmes made up of modules for those who have successfully reached ECDL / ICDL skills levels and wish to further enhance their expertise in any one, or all, of four commonly-used computer application types: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.

Graphic & Web Design Expert at Digital Media Center Italia

April 2010 - Present
10+ years of professional experience in Web Design. 15+ years of experience in Design, Page layout, Image retouching & Publishing. Presently designing and maintaining very busy corporate websites. Enjoying working on different modules individually and in a friendly team environment. Day to day using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Action Script with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and other Adobe Creative Suite software. Validating with W3C (XHTML/CSS) and checking different browsers compatibility on PC and Mac. Updating skills by learning Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects for video editing and mixing.

Founder & Creative Director at Digital Media Center Italia

January 2010 - Present
Responsible for creating the strategies, project plans, wireframes and design proofs for all clients websites.

National Agency for Education Development | 2.0 Cl@ssrooms Coordinator at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2009 - Present
The logic of Project "2.0 Cl@ssrooms" tends to enhance the implementation of several models of innovation that can generate a contagion in the territory, even among those schools not participating in the initiative. From this it is hoped that there be a series of heterogeneous models for improvement the perspective of schools. In this sense, the improvement process that seeks to promote the project includes many levels, looking at the organizational aspect of the educational process in the range of actions teaching and learning, starting from the needs of the school, involving the integration of technologies (both instrumental and methodological). The focus does not revolve around the technology in the strict sense, but to dynamics of innovation that may trigger.

National Agency for Education Development | DSP Coordinator at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2009 - Present
The Digital School Project (DSP) was founded to develop and enhance educational innovation through the use of information technology. To this end, the Ministry has prepared a plan to equip state schools with a kit consisting of Interactive Whiteboards with integrated projector and personal computer. The National Agency for Education Development has therefore designed a course to accompany the adoption of technology through a targeted training plan, which aims to build a reflective practice and to offer support to teachers for planning and conducting educational activities with the interactive whiteboard.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Expert at Ministry of Education, Universities and Research

September 2009 - Present
A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an education system based on the Web that models conventional real-world education by integrating a set of equivalent virtual concepts for tests, homework, classes, classrooms, and the like, and perhaps even museums and other external academic resources. It normally uses Web 2.0 tools for 2-way interaction, and includes a content management system. Virtual Learning Environments are the basic component of contemporary distance learning, but can also be integrated with a physical learning environment; this is sometimes referred to as Blended Learning.


University of Ferrara (Italy) | Faculty of Law

Degree: Jurisprudence | Master Degree

Pontifical Gregorian University (Italy) | Faculty of Social Sciences

Degree: Social Communications Sciences | Master Degree



Proficiency: Native or Bilingual Proficiency


Proficiency: Professional working proficiency


Contact Information

Via Mons. Fortunato Maria Farina, 7
Phone: +39 0881 639545

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