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My approach to my business and my day to day activities is a holistic business coach. I have surrounded myself with leading experts in many finance specialties who I bring in when the situation dictates. I want to focus on the things that are important to you and what keeps you awake at night.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

I have learned people need advice and I am in the profession of giving advice. Often the advice they need is not directly about a financial issue but one way or another it is about money. I enjoy helping people move forward and a forum like this allows me to help with issues I have expertise from my 30+ years of professional experience.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

Clients ask me what they should do with their money? I respond by asking them, what is it you are trying to accomplish? It is not about me but about them.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

Disagreements are rare, it is up to me to over communicate and see in advance concerns clients will have questions about.


Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

May 2008 - Present


Contact Information

41 South High Street, Suite 2700
Columbus, OH
Phone: 614-229-4969

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