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Proven Strategic Development, Product Development and Business Development catalyst leader of early commercialization. Envision, plan, negotiate [break-through deals that validate marketplace interest to secure investment funding], & execute the launch and scaling of innovative eCommerce and mCommerce B2B2C and O2O solutions that have resulted in 10-30%+ increases in incremental revenues for online retailers (F500 to start-ups offering all forms of premium digital assets as well as physical goods). Devise and build differentiated ecosystem solutions (both organically, as well as by seeing and negotiating differentiated strategic alliances and partnerships) to position optimally for competitive wins.

From planning, partnering, building alignment and providing governance over functionally diverse internal and external teams (including client-stakeholder leadership), to evangelizing as a featured speaker at global industry events, as well as pioneering & negotiating breakthrough engagements and 7 figure deals with F500 C-levels, I champion visionary, paradigm shifting solutions by identifying, understanding and solving pain-points and unleashing growth opportunities.

From cost effectively harnessing and re-purposing legacy assets, to creatively layering in break-through technologies, I persuade and lead decision makers on innovative strategies and tactics to seize opportunity across cutting edge domains of digital economy including eCommerce, digital media, mCommerce, eRetail, KPO/BPO and more with the likes of Disney, Sony, AOL, RealNetworks, Apple, Yahoo!,, eBay, Microsoft, Vindigo, AT&T, TelMex, Verizon, Wal-Mart, NBC Universal, Meijer, B&H Photo, ivgStores, CBS, Univision, ESPN, Nickelodeon, MTV, Google and others.

Goal is to champion early stages of innovative initiatives; lead where business, economic and technical models and processes may have minimal definition; validate marketplace interest in new solutions, drive launch and scale successes.

Business Description

Non-profit industry association/industry-knowledge-community serving at the intersection of advancing global financial inclusion and telco/ operator/ carrier-commerce. FINCCLUDE facilitates finding and cross-pollinating success-knowledge for stakeholders and industry colleagues across the dozens of sectors of Carrier Commerce that are involved in helping to advance Financial Inclusion.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

What I like most about my profession is the opportunity to problem solve by innovating. Some are more comfortable where process, procedures and paradigms are defined and structured to follow - aspects of being further along in life cycles of products, offers, solutions (etc.). My preference is to challenge conventional thinking and find ways to solve with pioneering, breakthrough business models, technical models and economic models.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

1) Insightful - understand the space and challenges of the market you aim to serve. 2) Innovative - vital to helping create differentiated solutions that have impact. 3) Stamina - of course there are other attributes like 'diligent', 'evangelize', 'plan', 'governance' (etc.) but I'll put those all under the broad umbrella of 'Stamina' because innovation can expect resistance from not just skeptics, but from entrenched operations that could be threatened by innovation (a notion explained well by Clayton Christensen in his book: Innovator's Dilemma).

How are you different than others in your profession?

In the unique space where I specialize (at the intersection of Strategic Development, Product Development and Business Development), when I wear my bus-dev hat and sell, I deliberately take an atypical salesperson approach. Clients and prospects notice that I am "... not a typical sales person ...". How? It's not just striving to listen better to problem solve more effectively; it's not just striving to evangelize to persuade more effectively, it's also adapting a mentality that I am the prospects resource at my company and willing to go back into my company and not just advocate, but if necessary 'fight' on behalf of my prospects and clients. Prospects and clients can see this unexpected dedication - and it creates differentiated bonds.


Founder & President at FINCCLUDE Incorporated

August 2015 - Present
A non-profit industry association/industry-knowledge-community serving at the intersection of Telco/Carrier-Commerce and advancing global Financial Inclusion.

President - Marketing Business Development, Americas at Iksula (eCommerce Outsourcing)

June 2012 - June 2016
Successfully hunt and negotiate deals with new clients including Wal-Mart of the Midwest: "Meijer" which has ~$15B in annual sales and is one of the top ranked private companies (per Forbes).

Lead business development planning and execution into Internet Retailer Top 500 and Second 500 Online Retailers.

Building strategic partnership network of select companies serving key aspects of online retail ecosystem (including likes of Canada Post) to strengthen Iksula's consultative thought leadership for clients and prospects doing their due diligence on requirements outside of Iksula's sweet-spot (which serves to also strengthen Iksula's distribution).

Speak at global online retail industry events (i.e.:

Leading planning on establishing Iksula Americas Inc. subsidiary.

Member of Iksula Board of Directors

Iksula background: One of India’s fastest growing eCommerce solutions companies, Iksula’s leadership team is made up of proven veterans from eBay, CitiBank, TCS (Tata Consulting Services), Amdocs Qpass Digital Commerce, AT&T, Taj Online (India’s largest gifting portal) and California Software Labs.

Pioneering solutions for the constantly evolving world of commerce, Iksula’s current focus is:
• Strategic and tactical marketing consulting for online retail web site traffic growth and enhanced sales conversion ratio performance.
• Generating new business development deals primarily in the US and India.
• E2E eCommerce solutions spanning catalog engineering, image editing, editorial content, channel management, price tracking, social media, integration with payment providers, crowd sourcing and more.

Founder at Supernus Innovation LLC

January 2010 - June 2012
• Provided clients consultative guidance for eCommerce alternative payment options to reach larger addressable markets.
• Provided clients consultative expertise and launched Social Media presence for awareness driving, brand and reputation building.
• Provided professional services to clients via human resource partners.
• Established an advisory council to help develop start-up’s initial leadership and business plans.
• Developed an assessment methodology to evaluate, screen & prioritize business offerings that leverage domain expertise, interest & backgrounds of council members.

Director Bus Dev (Online Retail Solutions) at Director Bus Dev DGSL

September 2008 - October 2009
Head up global sales for Datamatics Global Services' Online Retail Solutions (ORS) LOB, supporting Online Retailers, Web Merchants, Shopping Portals, Manufacturers, Auction Sites and more. Less than 6 months into fiscal year '09-'10, negotiated multi-million dollar deals with Internet Retailer Top 500 companies ivgStores, B&H Photo and NBC Universal (hunted acquisitions) and Mercantila (farmed) [representing ~75% of ORS LOB Revenue objective] during current Great Recession economy. Also leading DGSL's push into Social Media by launching and becoming the #1 followed eCommerce Twitter page out of >120 eCommerce-themed pages on Twitter. In addition, rapidly expanded ORS solution-suite from just 3 to 17 solutions spanning key aspects of the eCommerce ecosystem (via identifying and negotiating multiple partnerships). Based in Mumbai, India and with offices in the USA, Europe & Asia, DGSL is a 30+ year old company with almost 4,000 employees and associates, founded and chaired by the person many consider to be the father of India's outsourcing industry, offering a holistic suite of outsourcing solutions spanning on-site/onshore to hybrid and offshoring, with competitive economic models (

Director Strategic Alliances/Bus Dev at Director Strategic Alliance Amdocs, VP Strategic Dev ClickandBuy

May 2007 - September 2008
Business and Strategic Development, Strategic Partnering, Digital Media and eCommerce solutions. Conceptualized and engineered partnership with BSG (, then leveraged that strengthened ecosystem to outmaneuver front runner competitors to secure a breakthrough million dollar deal with AT&T Wireline (a new "logo" for Amdocs) for the AT&T ConnecTech initiative - a new direct competitor of BestBuy's GeekSquad.

VP Strategic & Bus Dev at VP Strategic Dev Click&Buy

September 2003 - April 2007
Won $5M+ licensing deal with TelMex after prior colleagues were eliminated from RFP. Built national sales team selling to Global Fortune 500 companies selling both premium digital content and/or physical goods to online consumers. Also conceived and negotiated multiple strategic partnerships that expanded Click&Buy's reach via partners with large consumer bases or via alternative online payment options (i.e.: Javien, BSG, Green Dot, Western Union).

Bus Dev Director AT&T WebCents at Bus Dev Director AT&T Consumer

January 2002 - December 2003
Was part of governance council leadership behind launch of AT&T WebCents - a prepaid premium content payment alternative, distributed at retail. Responsible for Bus-Dev deal making with Disney, Sony Games, Rhapsody Music, AtomShockwave/Gameblast, Vindigo, Cellus-USA/MobileCraze (and others).

Bus Dev Director - AT&T Labs eCommerce Incubator at BD Dir AT&T Labs

July 2000 - December 2001
Responsible for business development and planning for AT&T's multi-phased move into eCommerce spanning Prepaid Card, Telehone bill billing, ISP bill billing, Cable bill billing and Wireless bill billing. Developed business case analysis and 5 year plan, headed sales securing LOI's with marquee web merchants.

Head of eCommerce Innovation ClickAT&T at AT&T Business

March 1984 - June 2000
Ran strategy, business development, sales and project management for launch of several eCommerce initiatives designed to harness growth opportunities by leveraging overlooked AT&T assets (i.e.: direct billing relationship with millions of households) and core competiencies (i.e.: vCommerce/Merchant Settlement infrastructure for 900 business) that successfully pivoted into eCommerce by partnering with AT&T Labs. Successfully launched ClickAT&T Trial and AOL Recurring Billing Trial.

Communications Consultant at Southern Bell (AT&T)

November 1979 - February 1984
Sales and project implementation management positions for large PBX, Centrex, 911 and e911 projects.


Georgia State University

Degree: MS Management
Field of Study: Business Administration

Ball State University

Degree: BS Marketing
Field of Study: Marketing, Finance


Patent for form of telco eCommerce biling

Issuer: USPTO
Date: Mar 31, 2006
Sub account billing for under aged



Proficiency: Full Professional Proficiency


Direct carrier billing makes the transition from digital content to physical goods (Part 2)

Publication: Mobile Payments Today
Date: Jun 28, 2016
Part 2 of 2 on global landscape and outlook for direct operator/ carrier/ telco billing of physical goods

The global ascension of direct carrier billing (Part 1)

Publication: Mobile Payments Today
Date: Jun 24, 2016
The current global landscape & outlook for Direct Carrier Billing of Physical Goods (Part 1 of 2)

Validation of a Vision

Publication: The Marketing Executives Group Internationa
Date: Nov 15, 2010
The difficult reality of driving timely innovation in contemporary corporate America where investor demands reward decision makers for shorter term profits – a disincentive to risking investor funds on initiatives with out-year break even projections.


Contact Information

W 35th St.
New York, NY
Phone: 908-813-0164

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