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I am a technology entrepreneur having an industry experience of more than 20 yearsI have started my venture Roboresponse LLC(, a company engaged in building AI powered email autoresponse system. Through this venture, I aim to make a world class SaaS product, which will be used as an email marketing automation tool by businesses worldwide.At present I am actively engaged in running this company.

Business Description has introduced an Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered SaaS based email auto response system which scans incoming emails and sends a unique and customized email response based on the contents of the incoming email, all without any human intervention. The product is designed to assist the sales team of any product company and is capable of engaging customers in an email discussion 24X7 with the same level of enthusiasm.

It is designed to learn about any product or service offerings.Once taught, it never forgets and over a period of time it can respond to more than 80% of any specific product sales related email inquiries automatically.It tries to analyze the intent and context of the incoming email, based on which it dynamically constructs a response.

For more details about the product, visit and avail the 15 days trial version of this product without using your credit card.


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Pune India

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