About Me

I survived a severe stutter from age 7 until 17. I was bullied and brow-beaten almost every day during that time. It was a period of almost unbearable pain, misery and darkness which all but consumed me.

I survived a near-drowning episode at age seventeen, where I believe I received messages of hope for the future from my deceased grandparents. “You have an unstoppable power within"; "You have a message of hope for the world”: “The time will come when you can release your unstoppable power for the benefit of humanity”.

I have spent time living on the streets. I wanted to better understand the plight of the homeless and try and feel something of their pain and sorrow.

I have the skills and experience to assist your business to grow and prosper. I understand pain and struggle. I have a very positive outlook on life.

I travel extensively, offering the experience required to get your business back on track.

Business Description

Life enriching programs designed to re-ignite confidence, re-align values and totally re-establish workplace harmony, balance and communication.

My Skills



The Unstoppable Power Within

Publication: The Unstoppable Power Within
Date: Jan 21, 2015
A comprehensive, step by step guide for creating and living the very best life possible. The book includes a powerful chapter titled 'Empowering Our Children: Designed to enrich the lives of our young people. The book has received valuable testimonial support from the world's most successful speakers and coaches.


Contact Information

Sydney Australia
Phone: +61409574153

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